Hiring a Translation Agency: Everything You Need to Know

If you want to invest in a translation agency to penetrate a new market, ensure you get the correct answers to all your questions in these top aspects.

Errors, especially in translated legal documents can be very dangerous for your business reputation. Therefore, it’s important to check the smallest detail of the translation agency you are hiring.

From checking that the agency has editors for reviews to analyzing the translators working with them are qualified, you need to look at everything for satisfactory document translation.

Be very careful while choosing the right translation agency that delivers what you expect or need. So, what are the parameters you need to check before hiring a translation agency?

Things Need to be Analyzed Before Hiring a Translation Company

1. Resources

Before you finalize an agency, check whether they have the appropriate resources to complete your task. Just like how a designer will hire only the ones that have designing skills to bring uniqueness to their collection.

As a company owner, you should also check that the agency you are hiring has access to a large pool of capable translators to satisfy your needs.

Ask if they have translators specialized in domains like website content, medical, marketing, or legal translation. This way you will get a clear idea of how they can offer proven benefits of investing in document translation.

2. Quick TAT

Before you finalize everything, mention the timeline within which you want your project to be completed. This is mainly important when you often have to handle urgent translation requirements.

Also, be flexible regarding TAT when you yourself know that the project needs a bit more time due to complex terminologies or contexts. This will help the translator get enough time to ensure the piece conveys the exact message as the original one.

3. Quality Control Process

Every single mistake in a translated document later becomes dangerous and costly for businesses. Therefore, checking what kind of quality control process the agency follow is very important. The translation team should have an eye on all the smallest details that could get missed.

Proofreading by an expert is vital to ensure the right message is conveyed. This will also show you the real importance of translating business documents.

Getting a translated document from professionals boosts your confidence to put your best foot forward in a widespread marketplace and build strong business connections.

4. Experience and Qualification

Experience and qualification are the two important things that one needs to consider if they really want the translation agency to perform as per their expectations.

Some points are must to consider. The first is a native language speaker and the other one is experience in the translation industry.

A translator who is a native speaker of the language you are targeting can make your document culturally relevant for the audience and help to get more work in other countries too.

Also, ensure that the translation agency is credible enough and offers accurate translations.

5. In-Depth Knowledge about Languages

To save a little, many companies make the huge mistake of hiring someone amateur. Translation from an inexperienced translator will almost be like machine translation. There would be many errors and also the document would not be culturally relevant.

Therefore, check whether the agency has translators with an in-depth knowledge of the languages you are focusing on.

When relying on an inexperienced translator, the document tends to have the wrong translation which leads to much confusion.

On the other hand, when you work with professionals from a reputed translation agency in Canada, your original meaning remains intact.

6. Data Security and Confidentiality

Businesses in the legal and medical industry need to make sure that the data they have provided is in safe hands. Ensuring that your crucial information doesn’t get disclosed to a third party is important.

Make the agency understand the security policies or say the privacy policies of your company. It will give them a brief about the confidential nature of the translation project they are going to handle.

You need to be very careful when hiring an agency, especially for medical or faultless legal translation.

All this information will not only help you analyze which agency would be good for you but will also tell you whether you will be comfortable, satisfied, and respected while working with them.


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