Major Hiring Trends of a Multilingual Recruitment Agency

Globalization has paved way for varied Hiring Trends of a Multilingual Recruitment Agency. It also infused numerous opportunities for individuals who are well-versed with several languages. The modern globalized world is abounding of bright career options for candidates who can communicate in multiple languages. If you are proficient with the nuances of varied languages, then your career can be boosted if you get to know where to find appropriate jobs as well as with the guidance of a renowned HR consultancy agency. Most of the private corporations need interpreters or translators both locally and abroad for conducting business meetings with non-English speaking clients. Multilingual staff comes in handy while working in ties with multiple cultured clients.

As discussed above, Globalization is a major key to several opportunities. Besides this, the advent of Globalization also reshaped the contemporary methods of recruiting candidates. The trends have modified in the present time. Some of the major vogue trends are listed below: –

Job Boards

48% of the organizations use Job Boards that basically deal with employment or careers. They are designed in a way to allow the employers to post specific job requirements for a position. They also depict career or job-search advice, employer reviews, job descriptions and much more. Thus, the candidate can easily browse to his preferred job and submit resumes.

Employee Referrals

48% of the organizations rely on Employee Referrals. It is the most inexpensive internal recruitment method adopted by various organizations to identify potential candidates with the help of their existing employees’ social networks.

Career Fairs

27% of the organizations participate in Career Fairs to locate the best candidate for the desired designation. It is an exposition for the employers and schools to meet with potential job seekers. The job fairs are conducted in colleges as well as online. The both methods are modes of interaction between the employer and the job seeker. The former is a personal face to face interaction, while the latter is the interaction via internet.

Company Website

Now-a-days, most of the companies (almost 42%) directly recruit a number of candidates using their own company website. If you visit any professional website, you will notice a separate section highlighted for vacancies. It is one of the easiest methods to let the most desired employer and employee to meet each other.

Social Media

35% of the organizations agree that using social media is one of the major Hiring Trends of a Multilingual Recruitment Agency. It evolved as the most reliable, swift and profitable mode of recruiting eligible candidates. The updates, posts, advertisements related to jobs are beneficial to both the employer and the job seeker. 42% of the organizations rely on LinkedIn, 15% on Google+, 40% on Facebook and only 2% on Twitter.

Statistics of Major Skills

A number of skills are entailed and given weightage as per the different priorities of a recruitment agency: –

Communication skills (91%)

Positive attitude (85%)

Teamwork skills (82%)

Adaptable to change (85%)

Strategic thinking and analytics (78%)

If you are wishing to get noticed by some of the major recruitment agencies, then you must direct your efforts in line with such trends that are in fashion today. As well as develop the above mentioned skills.

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