6 Logical Facts for Outsourcing Translation Services to India

Are you wary about Outsourcing Translation Services to India? Or are you not able to keep up with the market competition? The language barriers can be extremely detrimental to your business expansion plans. Therefore, it is an urgent need for most of the firms to procure translation services from reliable translation company. If you are outsourcing to any country, say India, then this decision might help you to market your services/products in various Indian languages.

As well as you will get the content on your brochure, legal documents, website or catalogs, translated into a variety of Indian languages with 100% accuracy.

Why Only India?

Listed below describes the reasons or facts to outsource translation services to India: –

1. Low Cost

Availing Translation services in India is an affordable option. Since the cost of labor in India is very low, therefore you can get access to a professional team of translators at half your current cost. The low cost translation services in India can provide you effective translation for any amount of marketing/legal material.

2. Quick Turnarounds

When you outsource the translation services for Spanish, French, German or any other foreign language to India, you can be rest assured that you will receive the translated content at fast turnaround time. India’s 12 hour time-zone difference makes it easier for translators in India to complete their translation work at night and deliver it to the concerned client by the next morning.

3. Expand Your Business

Studies prove that Spanish, German and French market has a rich potential. Language translation services in India can help you reach out to more customers as well as flourish your business to new markets and segments.

4. 100% Confidentiality and Privacy

The Indian translation service providers take security issues very seriously. Adopting stringent measures, the service providers make sure that no part of your data is disclosed to any third person. Besides this, a Non-Disclosure Agreement will be signed that advocates for comprehensive confidentiality.

5. Specialized Translation Services

Whether you require the translation for legal, IT, Government, Education, Healthcare, Electronics, Media, Insurance, Sports or Automotive industry, you can easily avail customized translation services in India. You can get all types of Advertisements, Reports, Forms, User Manuals, Bills, Websites and other documents or marketing materials, translated into the desired language.

6. Value Added Services

Value added services may include quality check services like editing and proofreading. Such services are rendered to ensure that the translated assignment is free from flaws, render the precise meaning as in the source content as well as makes sense to the reader.

Outsourcing Process at TridIndia

The client requests for a quote and contacts with our project manager.

The client sends the relevant documents to be translated and state the desired language and specified deadlines.

The documents are provided to the translators for rendering authentic translations.

After the translation task is completed, the translated assignments undergo rigorous reviewing, editing and proof-reading by the project manager.

After the quality check, the translated assignment is delivered to the client.

Premier Outsourcing Ally in India: TridIndia

TridIndia offers you error-free and authentic translation services in all Indian and foreign languages at minimal rates. Thus, if you are in a quest for Outsourcing Translation Services to India, then TridIndia can definitely serve you as an ally with all your translation requirements as well as special urgent translation services. The urgent translation services are one of the USPs of our translation company that aims at delivering the translation assignment within 24 to 48 hours.

Our error-free translation services enable companies to localize their software, websites and other marketing materials as per the target culture and language.

To know more about our services call us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]

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