How Localization helped Pokemon Go Language in Marketing Strategy?

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The game, Pokemon Go, is highly popular across all nations. One can figure out this from that fact that it has more users as compare to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The game is very interactive and intuitive as compare to any other game so far. We’ve seen plenty of news where player are hitting streets to catch Pokemon creature, earn points in other words they’re just loving it.

But have to ever wondered how Pokemon go taken the world like storm and why people are love this game? You might say that because it’s a revolution game that shook the entire industry, and we are not disagreeing with that but the truth is that language played major role in this. Before you get confuse let us ask you a question- Would you install an application of different language o your smartphone? The answer, if we’re guessing right, would be NO as we prefer information in our native language isn’t it right?

The same principle goes for the game developers also. Not everyone can understand English and that’s why to create mass effect you, as a business or app developer, need to take help of Localization that adapts your software with respect to the language, culture and tradition of that country. In case of Pokemon Go, there were lots of things to do like adapting a map, User interface, Language, Content and much more. This was the major reason to Pokemon Go success nationwide.

The Role of Localization in Pokemon Go

The game requires interaction with other players, Catching, Evolving, Battling with other Pokemon creatures. The entire concept of the game is based on famous cartoon saga Pokemon where ash along with his friend hunts for Pokemon. The same scenario but more like in virtual world where you’ve to travel find and capture virtual monsters. Game language played the major part in global appeal. The game was release in more than 37 countries and developers have to customize with respect to each region. Pokemon go is an Augmented Reality where the gamely has to be take place in real world but first they need to adapt by putting local building and landmarks. Though localization is challenging but franchise was determined and they translated all the content even the name of Pokemon monsters like Bulbasaur is Bulbizarre.

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This resulted into the biggest viral game of 2016 and still popular even in 2017. When you localized you actually:

Improve the user experience
Adapt with respect to country and people
You create a public touch
You can target wider audience and create mass appeal

It is very important for any business before entering into Global arena to adapt your product/ software/ app or brand with respect to that country. One must not forget the basic consumer principle that is: People prefer information in their native language and to create your product appeal you need to speak in their language.

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