6 Businesses That Should Translate Their Website To Enter New Market Today

Although English has always been the most commonly used language on the internet, it is only spoken by 25% of people on the web compared to other languages. Now, how will you promote your offerings to 75% of the users online? This is where you will observe the need of translating your website.

In this age of globalization, taking your business to an international level is immensely rewarding and beneficial. For your company to grow and cross your local borders, translating your website is important.

Today, the international market is growing immensely and it will only be a good decision to take the benefits of translating your website into multiple languages to make your marketing strategy successful. This is the reason why whether you already have a business website or you are planning to build one, you have to translate your website while keeping in mind the cultural relevance.

In this blog, we will go through 6 businesses that need trustworthy website translation the most. Let’s get started.

Popular 6 Businesses that should Translate their Website

1. Businesses That Deal in International eCommerce

When you want to do business at an international level, having website translation is a must. Language is an effective medium to help you increase your sale. Many consumers say that they give more importance to the information provided by a brand about its product or services than the price. This is why website translation in the e-commerce industry is on the rise more than ever.

The thing is consumers not only prefer but love the brand more when the information is conveyed in their native language. Businesses that deal in import and export, wholesale businesses, and many more that operates internationally can enjoy the crucial benefits of effective human translation. When customers get product descriptions in their native language, they tend to establish trust in you.

2. Businesses doing Digital Marketing

With the emergence of digital marketing in the IT sector, the way businesses used to expand has changed in an advanced way. But if the demand and supply of digital marketing get restricted because of the language barrier, it would be the saddest part of the IT field. The digital marketing industry can expand its reach globally for both the provider and the seeker, which can grow the IT field a lot more effectively.

3. Businesses Providing Medical and Healthcare Services

When healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses want to expand overseas they will need to translate all their documents into various languages including communication material. So it’s evident, companies that need translation solutions include the medical field. There is a major importance of business translation in the medical industry.

Medicine is the industry where translations are mostly required for translating patient records, medical reports, manuals, information on medications like dosage, side-effects, research papers on medicines, contraindications, and so on.

4. Businesses in Travel Industry and Tourism

People from all across the world have started traveling internationally. Through easier visa norms, no-frills airlines, cheaper accommodation options, and many travel websites, it has become very convenient for people to think of international vacations.

Almost all travel websites these days ensure that content is available in multiple languages. Especially information like details of the package, description and accommodation options, everything should be accurately translated. To gain the most out of your travel websites, you should use a quality translation for travel industry.

5. Companies Whose Analytics Data Suggests Translation

If you check your analytics, you will know your website visitor’s interests. Also, they can tell you what type of content your website visitors are searching for and from where they are coming. If you run a website, the possibilities are you will get a good chunk of visitors from other countries. But it’s your responsibility that you turn those visitors into your customers.

If you want to engage those visitors and make them buy from you, translating your website is important. It makes sense to incorporate language support. When you translate your website, you take the first step to increasing your customer base.

6. Businesses working in Banking and Finance Industry

Businesses in the banking and finance industry are always in need of translation solutions because they constantly need to reach clients from different corners of the world. Through translation, they get a chance to communicate with global customers. Many financial data when get translated strengthen the relationship and trust with the financial customers. This specific industry will always be the important one that needs the assistance of a professional business translation company.

Besides the above-mentioned businesses, there are many other businesses that need translation solutions for their growth.


Now that you know all the benefits, you should take the most essential step of translating your website. Keep in mind that your website is translated by experts only. Tridindia is a reputed translation company that has a team of well-experienced translators who can translate into more than 150 languages to target any market you want.

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