How to Build a Localization Team: Who Should Be a Part of Your Localization Team?

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A localization team plays a major role in managing large localization projects within your company. Do you know how to build a localization team and what is the role of every member in the team? 

There can be many people that will support the localization project manager throughout the process, from different departments within your company.

With a big localization project in your hand, you must have to know the responsibilities every team member will hold so you can make a right marketing content localization team.

How to Build a Localization Team?

Before you create a team, you need to plan your localization project first. The questions that are designed for your localization strategy will have to be looked at again while considering who should be in your localization team:

• What number of words are you localizing?

This includes website content, offline marketing materials, etc.

• What are your target languages?

Make a list of target markets you planning on entering and also, make a note of how languages do they speak?

• What is the project deadline?

What is the date of launching those in new markets?

These are simple but effective website localization questions. These will surely help you see how big your localization project is and how many members you will require to be in your team.

Who Should Be a Part of Your Localization Team?

A very interesting and important question!

Once you have planned your localization project, you can begin delving into making up a localization team.

But you should know that not everyone in the localization team is fully dedicated to the localization project. Specifically, you’ll find some people that are playing a defined role in your company, yet still play an important part in the process.

Let’s have a look at the most common roles as well as responsibilities.

1- Localization project manager

Beginning with the obvious one. The team includes a central localization project manager that manages the entire process, or else, it can result in slowed-down timescales, essential wrong translation signs and in the end, a badly executed localization strategy.

A localization manager oversees the process from beginning to end, brings the best out of translators, handles internal stakeholders, and submits the project on time.

They’re there to hold the complete project together and make sure everyone is working on the suitable tasks and to a similar timescale.

2- Translators 

Next comes translators who play a crucial role in localization. If you have translators working in your company then you can welcome them to the team.

Otherwise, you can look for freelancers or a reliable translation agency in Pune within your budget.

When you get content for translation in the target language, the translator will go through the content and translate word-by-word.

3- Marketing/ content team

Next comes your marketing as well as the content team that will play a huge part in localizing your website.

They’re the ones that crafted the content and are the ones now managing new content as well as updates.

They’ll play the role of identifying and understanding what content is required to be localized.

A strong localization strategy will find what part of your website must be localized and what amount of content won’t seem relevant in your new target markets.

This can be because you might not be selling every one of your products and services to a new market. Whether that’s to do with cultural differences, restrictions, taxes, etc, it’s a common scenario.

4- Developers 

If you’re doing cost effective translation and localization in the traditional manner, you’ll need a team of professional developers to actually upload your well-translated website.

Also, determine whether developing several websites for different languages is feasible.

They’ll be an important part of the ongoing localization project and more frequently you’ll be quite reliant on when they can take your translation live.

5- Designer

You’ll need to include a designer in the part of the process as the look and feel of your marketing materials as well as the website may transform for some markets.

This isn’t always a big transformation, but it can be a little subtle like improving an image that is quite culturally appropriate.

6- Quality Assurance

The localization project is incomplete without rigorous quality assurance in translation process. QA team is responsible for checking the translation quality and ensuring everything works flawlessly in the target market you’re targeting.

This could be part of the expert translator’s role as well, therefore, it’s ideal to acquire a second translator that wasn’t part of the original team of translation.

In Conclusion

If your main aim is to build a proper localization team, then hopefully this blog has provided you somewhere to begin in understanding the major roles and responsibilities of every person you’ll require to have in your team.

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