Industry Insights to Human Translation Vs Machine Translation

Now-a-days the quest for facts related to Human Translation Vs Machine Translation is at par with investing in a translation company. Translation is an aid to facilitate effective communication between varied companies and their customers, as well as between organizations, and different countries. The most effectual way to get a document translated is to hire a freelance translator or a translation agency. But in the past few years, the industry witnessed the emergence of a new type of translation service, i.e. machine translations. Since, translation is a complex process, therefore it becomes necessary to understand the facts that could be detrimental to quality translation delivery.

To understand such facts, it is necessary to grab a comprehensive knowledge regarding the difference between human translation and machine translation.

A Detailed Insight Study:

The description below (in accordance with translation industry) determines the distinguished features of human and machine translations on set parameters: –

1. Human Translation

Speed: Speed of translating documents accurately depends on the experience of the translator. An experienced translator is well-versed with the nuances and cultural implications of both the source and target language. Thus, the speed of human translations is in pace with the specified deadlines.

Volume: Human translations are capable of delivering a large number of translation assignments with utmost precision. A translation company usually boasts of certified team of translators who as a team can render multiple translation projects within the proposed time frame.

Level of accuracy: The accuracy level offered by translators usually depends on the position and reputation of your service provider in the global market. A reputed translation firm is accustomed to deliver error-free and accurate translation assignments.

Subject Matter: Human translations are capable of translating a wide range of subject matters relating to numerous industries.

Consistency of Vocabulary: The experience of native translators speaks for their consistency of vocabulary. Human translations are aims at consistent usage of vocabulary.

Expense:The more reliable the translation company, the more reliable are the costs charged for authentic translation services.

2. Machine Translation

Speed: The computer excels at this area, however the translated document would still demand for further editing. Speed is confirmed but the speed is not in line with accuracy and authenticity.

Volume: Since the translations are rendered by a machine, therefore you can be rest assured for the quantity of projects but not quality. Now it depends on your priorities; whether you prefer quality or quantity.

Level of accuracy: Machine Translations can not commit a high degree of accuracy. The proposed translations are rendered using the dictionary installed in the software that does not guarantee accuracy and flawlessness.

Subject Matter: Again in this case, a computer has an advantage, only and only on the basis of quantity. No doubt, a computer can render expertise in varied subject matter, but you can’t be established as a global market leader via Machine Translations.

Consistency of Vocabulary: Assuring that Machine Translations renders consistent usage of vocabulary, it will require a huge amount of resources (time and efforts). In the fast growing world, you can’t let your resources get wasted, when you have an option (Human Translation) to utilize them wisely.

Expense: Since Machine Translations require investing huge amount of resources, therefore the expenses borne to it are much higher as compared to human translations.

If you are looking for authentic translations that offer you more than, just the gist of the information, it is advisable to refrain from machine translations. Machine translations are only appropriate for quantity purposes. If you value quality rather than quantity, then human translation is your gateway to achieve higher profits and acclaim.

Outsource your varied translation requirements to a reputed translation company that boasts of certified native translators for prompt delivery of authentic and error-free translation projects.

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