Importance of Gaming Translation: How it Improves the Experience of Gamers?

Have you ever noticed how often you play a game without even understanding the language? Must be many a times. It is hard to play a game without understanding the navigations. Therefore, to provide a game which could is understandable by gamers globally, gaming translation is important.

Stepping into international platforms is the main step for the game developers to experience success. Appealing to gamers from all around the world by offering them translated version of their favorite games is the most effective and powerful option. 2020 was a year of a massive growth in gaming industry and it is expected that the demand of games will grow more in 2022. While many industries were heavily affected by the pandemic, the gaming worlds have experienced a huge increment in sales. Most of the sales came because many game developers preferred translating their games in various languages.

For a game developer, the top-most benefit of translating games is having global exposure and making more profits. This way you help gamers overseas experience your creation. In this blog, we will know more about the importance of high-quality gaming translation.

Top Importance of Gaming Translation

1- Make Gamers Feel Valued

A translated version of games will excite gamers even more than ever. They will feel more valued and connected with the game. Game translation can help players give attention to the dialogues, and immerse themselves in the imaginary world where they can play in their cultural context. This is the reason why translating games is considered to be the most effective way for developers to establish a strong relationship with the gamers.

2- Improve your App Store Rankings

As per a research, most of the Google play downloads and iOS are from countries where English is not spoken by many. Therefore, if you want to increase the number of your games downloads, ensures it reaches and appeals to various markets.

Being a video game developer, you should not ignore the reach of mobile games. And mobile gaming market is expected to grow even more by 2030. So when investing in cost-effective translation solutions, consider video games too.

3- Boost the Number of Downloads

It is true that to increase your sales, you need more downloads. But to get more downloads; you will need to expand your market reach. And here comes the role of translation. It is the only way to make sure you are reaching gamers globally.

4- Improve Sales

Do you know per download you can earn revenue? The more downloads, the more you can earn. For example, with each gamer downloading your game, you earn $1. Now imagine when the amount is multiplied by lakhs or millions of players globally.

If you are still in confusion whether to invest in localization or not, here is something to know. A gaming company revealed that app downloads and revenue tends to increase by 128% after translation. But, to gain that much revenue, you need to first consider the language you want to translate your game in.

Here, you will need professional gaming translators who know professional proofreading in translation to ensure accuracy.

5- Give an Experience of Your Unique Creation

Besides gaining profits, let’s think about why you have become a game developer, to share your gaming ideas? No matter what the reason is, by translating your games, more and more gamers all over the world will be able to experience your unique creation.

6- Improve User Experience Ratings

The most convenient way to enhance your user experience is by getting them connected and immerse themselves in your game’s story. A personalized experience is not possible if the gamer finds difficult to understand the language of the game. And this mostly happens when you have not translated the game.

Today, many developers allow their gamers to choose the language they want so that there is proper understanding. The more language you translate your game in, the happier your users become and they become more excited to play your game.

With all these information, now you know there is a major importance of translation in world.

In the Nutshell:

In this globalized age where gamers have an array of options to play, game developers need to ensure their game is understandable. Here, you can rely on Tridindia. We are specialized in video games, which assures the consistency and high-quality of your gaming content in 150+ languages.

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