Know The Importance of Indian Language Interpretation For Business

With around 19500 mother tongues or dialects spoken across India, the language diversity in India is massive. There is a saying in India, ‘The language in India changes every Km as does the water’. This clearly shows the importance of Indian language interpretation. Still confused? Let’s unfold more things about it.

As per a report, only 1% of existing internet users communicate in English, 39% of users communicate in Hindi while an overwhelming 60% of users interact in their native language. As the country’s regional language-speaking users are logging onto the internet, content providers must take their language choices into consideration and design their applications accordingly. Clearly, the market opportunity is huge and there is an urgent need to increase the content platforms to deliver the users a choice of language they prefer to communicate in. And when its the matter of giving language choices, what could be better than interpretation.

Here we are going to discuss the importance of effective Indian language interpretation in Mumbai. Let’s begin with it.

The Importance Of Indian Language Interpretation In Top 4 Industries

The need for Indian language interpretation is continuing to grow around many different industries. However, there are some industries that need it more than others. In an economy that is becoming globalized by the minute, it is essential to be prepared for the moment that you require interpretation help. In today’s article, we will look at four industries that need Indian language interpretation.

1. Healthcare

Without any doubt, the most common industry in need of interpretation is the healthcare industry. In clinics and hospitals, being able to properly interpret something that a patient is saying can genuinely make a difference between life and death. Communicating clearly with patients through worthwhile interpretation is a major key to treating them well and can decrease the risk of malpractice.

2. Entertainment

As per a report, it is estimated that the Indian language user base in India will reach a massive figure of 536 million by 2021. Seeing this report, the fastest growing industries in need of interpretation is the entertainment industry. With the assistance of interpretation, television, music, and film are easily accessible for users of Indian languages. This is advantageous for your potential customers and your entertainment business also.

Being able to interpret entertainment is a perfect way to grow revenue and industry. It is also important for live entertainment, most commonly seen with sign language interpreters at shows or concerts.

3. Law

The legal industry always takes the top benefits of language interpretation, both in the courtroom and in the office. In major metropolitan areas and culturally diverse towns, interpretation is essential for law offices. In fact, courts are required by law to deliver language interpretation to those who speak the Indian language. The legal industry always requires interpreters for accuracy in work.

4. Business

India is the world’s fastest-growing economies and accounts for 15% of global growth. If you have a business and want to make the most of the various growth opportunities in the Indian market, you must interpret your business information in local Indian languages. If you want to become a successful business, you will have to prepare to accommodate Indian language speaking customers and clients. By understanding what is the need of interpretation make it easier to get business deals done conveniently without error.

It is not just in the largest cities that you will hear different languages being spoken as you move about your day. Whether it is in the world of entertainment, health care, or business, interpretation delivers collaboration, connection, and accessibility to all involved. The need for interpreters is only going to increase in the coming years.


If you know what is language interpretation, you might also know the importance of hiring a valuable interpreter. The importance of finding out the most prominent destination that can deliver you the excellent quality interpretation in different languages will be great for you. The services offered by Tridindia, a renowned professional translation and interpretation agency are of great importance to the business owners who want to satisfy their business needs through professional services. Our team makes sure that you get what you have expected from us.

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