The Importance Of Interpretation [6 Interesting Facts]

Many businesses might think they don’t need interpreters to communicate with their clients, but the reality is that not everyone in the world speaks the same language, and in a world that’s becoming increasingly diverse, don’t you think global businesses should remember the importance of interpretation?

Communication is an important part of our everyday life. We communicate with our friends and family, with strangers on the bus, with our colleagues at work. In the global business world, however, communication is very essential for converting information from a source language to a target language, but there are different ways to accomplish it and the best method for interpretation depends on the need of the speakers and listeners. Sometimes, there comes a requirement to use more than one language.

Here is an outline of the importance of 6 major types of interpretation.

The Importance of 6 Major Types Of Interpretation

1. Medical Interpretation:

Medical interpretation helps patients as well as a medical professional to understand medical legalities and terms easily. Medical care is a stressful situation, and it can be much difficult if facing some difficulty in communicating, Certified medical interpreters deliver complete assistance to patients to understand the terms. Many health care centers and hospitals hire successful interpretation services in Mumbai to make the patient understand the medical terms.

2. Travel Interpretation

Travel interpretation can act almost like an assistant, assisting clients to navigate while they are traveling around on business trips. The travel interpreters can accompany clients to a meeting or to a handful of meetings.

These travel interpreters are not just interpreters but often act as cultural liaisons, responsible for everything starting from ordering food to closing multi-million dollars business deals. This is one of the popular significance of interpretation services.

3. Over the Phone Interpretation:

Telephonic interpretation is considered when the in-person is not available for face to face meetings. This method is also known as scheduled telephone interpretation; the process is done when both parties make an appointment. If the participants of the call can hear only the voice of the interpreter, this process is conducted.

You can also use international interpretation if both parties are from different regions. In fact, it is a simple process permitting people to break the language barrier and communicate with convenience.

Telephone services are available in every company; over the phone, interpretation is making the best use of technology.

4. Video Interpretation:

This is one of the most innovative interpretation methods used by companies to interpret words without any hassle. This interpretation is mainly done when hearing-impaired person wants the interpreter to interpret the document. This process is widely used in sensitive situations. This is an affordable method, especially when the person is in a remote location. For companies, this is the perfect way to communicate with clients offshore. By hiring a video interpreter, you can easily connect with clients without facing miscommunication. It is one of the best in the list of different types of interpreting.

5. Conference Interpretation

Conference interpretation is done for the people in the event who speaks different languages and need conference interpreters. In this method, the interpreter listens to the content spoken using headphones and then understands the meaning of the sentence. The low-cost business interpretation has some modern techniques that make this worth using. Professional interpreters translate the sentence within a few seconds of delay. Interpreters sit in the conference room having direct audio feed making clear transmission.

6. Relay Interpretation

Just like the races that share its name, relay interpretation is accomplished by a group of participants. A source-language interpreter conveys the message to a group of interpreters who have that language in common and who speak another language, as well. One at a time, this relay interpretation conveys the message to their respective audiences.

For example, a German speech is first interpreted in English to a group of interpreters and is then interpreted by each into French, Arabic, and Russian.


As a conclusion, we shall point out that interpreting can be divided into tons of sub-types such as medical interpretation, on-phone interpretation, relay interpretation, conference interpretation and much more with each sphere having its own specifics. However, whether you need to travel interpretation or conference interpretation, ensure that you are hiring the best interpretation company. We deliver a full suite of interpretation for local as well as international clients. So, when you need professional interpretation, think only of one name- Tridindia.

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