Importance of Marketing Translation: Why It Is Crucial For Your Business?

Any brand making efforts to reach target markets as well as new countries, need to understand the importance of marketing translation. This is required in order to appeal to their new multilingual customers.

Unlike basic translation, there is much more for the translator to focus on than just only the desired language such as how to convey the marketing message in the desired languages without affecting the original brand voice.

Marketing translation incorporates the translation of the text and passing on the right marketing message, keeping in mind the cultural preferences of the target audiences. The entire process of marketing translation takes into account the complete adaptation of the language and style to match the local culture.

If you want to develop appealing content that quickly converts users into potential customers, you have to think global and hire a reliable marketing translation company to translate marketing material accurately.

In this blog, you will learn a plethora of reasons how marketing translation is a boon for companies whose branding and communication with the target audiences are solely dependent on how creatively their marketing material is presented before the multilingual clients and customers.

Importance of Marketing Translation To Reach Wider Audiences

1- Reach & Grow Your Customer Base

Did you know that around 70% of the world’s population is not fluent in English? In spite of this, more websites have all their content available in the English language.

If you only promote your company or brand to a population who only speaks English, you miss the opportunity to quickly reach a large number of internet users. Thus, you need cost-effective human translation to translate marketing contents that lead to strong ROI as it enables the companies to drastically expand their scope.

2- Boost conversions ‍

Connecting with your consumers when they are by ensuring your marketing material is translated into multiple languages is paramount for taking your business to the next level and making more conversions.

As per markets, around 87% of localised campaigns result in higher conversions than campaigns that are in the English language.

In case, you want to expand your business to the a new market, expecting that your marketing content in the English or in any other language will be a hit, it will be only possible by high quality translation services for marketing to make your marketing content go beyond finding new customers.

3- Increase Sales

As per a study, 71% of marketing decision-makers have witnessed a boost in sales when they applied a localised content strategy to enter new markets.

Customers love to follow brands that make more efforts to utilize their regional language and satisfy their specific needs.

Above that, while marketing content is precisely and correctly translated, it’s less daunting to consumers who may not understand your language. It will be more possible to make a purchase, in case, they feel well understood what’s being sold.

4- Staying Competitive

As per some research, 95% of multi-nation companies want to spend more money on marketing translation solutions and practices in the upcoming year.

This means that the companies that do not translate their content to reach their target customers, will struggle to stay competitive. By giving more importance to the proven translation strategies now, your brand can continue to prosper, rather than lagging behind.

5)- Taking Benefit of Emerging Markets

Global markets are booming, with individuals from several African and Asian countries investing a huge amount of money in services and products from different parts of the world.

Business professionals have pointed out that around 73% of customers are more likely to purchase something if the product information is provided in their local language.

Emerging markets just represent profitable business opportunities for companies wanting to translate their content to serve them the best. Economic transformations in different parts of the world can give a big pool of prospective clients, simply if businesses put more effort and take effective translation help in order to reach customers in their own cultural and linguistic terms.

In a Nutshell

Marketing translation requires careful consideration, and great attention to detail is essential to make sure that the project is completed successfully.

The above-mentioned reasons indicate the importance of investing in marketing translation in order to make your message resonate with your target audiences. Marketing material represents your brand’s presence; it likewise introduces potential customers to your brand. Make the first impression right with the information that has been appropriately translated.

To ensure your marketing message reaches the right audience, get it translated with the help of our experienced translators in over 121 languages. Reach us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote.

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