Japanese Translation Company Vs Translators: Which One To Pick

Translation is widely demanded by global entrepreneurs of today and Japanese Translation is something which is the one of the most searched service in the translation industry. The simple reason behind it is that Japan opens a whole lot of investment opportunities for the business owners. Hence, companies invest in hiring Japanese translation agencies or language experts, who could offer quality translation within the fastest turnaround time.

Both of these options – hiring Japanese Translation Company or freelance translators – are great. But, they do have pros and cons associated with them.

Important Things to Consider

What has been observed with the translation agencies is that they use Translation Management System, in order to organize their bulk translation projects. It is generally used for complicated translation processes, as it helps in splitting and distributing the assignment among multiple skilled translators. This makes it easier for the company to complete a given assignments within time.


If you choose an individual translator, the average time involved in providing translation would be longer than the company. This is specifically said for the bulkier assignments. While translating such an assignment, the entire workload falls on one person. Therefore, he or she becomes unable to deliver the project within a short interval. Rest is up to you, what deadline you wish to assign to the translator. If you okay with a longer time duration, you can surely think of hiring an individual translator.

While you are working with a translation company, it may be sometimes difficult to have control over your project. Some companies do not really communicate with the client during the translation process or do not let them know the current status. If there are some changes to be made, it may be a whole lot of mess with the companies. However, it is not true for every translation company in India and abroad. If you find the company, it will make sure all your needs are accommodated and you are always in contact with the project managers.


In the case of individual translators, only one person is found accountable for different things, such as translation quality, style, context, specifics and others. So, it is easier to work with an individual or freelance translator than with a company. You can control the project as the way you want.

By choosing a translation company, you save the time to search for an experienced translator for the desired language combination and the desired industry specialization. This implies that you just need to hire the right company and leave the rest to it. The translation companies already have a team of translators, who specialize in your target language and the industry. But, make sure you ask the company, if it works in the said language for the said industry. Additionally, you should understand that industry specific terminologies or jargons play a very important role in the quality of the translated file(s). Hence, the right company will always assign your assignment to a translator who is specialized and holds insightful knowledge on the terminologies.


Searching for a translator can be hectic, as you’ll have to invest great amount of time in searching for professional translators for your industry and if get the same, you will then have to filter them according to the target language. If none of the translators in your list provides translation for your desired language, then you will have to start the search again. Furthermore, you cannot be rest assured whether or not, the translator would be versed in the terminologies or jargons specific to the industry.

The Choice Is Yours

No one can understand what’s best for your business, other than you. So, it depends on you and your business translation needs that which option you choose. Different types of translation, – whether between different languages or similar languages (like regional dialects) – requires different types of skills. It is your task to choose the right option according to you. Your decision will decide the quality of translation delivered at your end. So, do not make haste; just research a bit and you’ll find the ultimate solution.

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