Why Engineering Sector Go Abreast With Japanese Translation

Known as the most advanced producer of machine tools, motor vehicles, electronics, steel, chemical substances and ships, Japan is definitely the third largest economy in the world. With its engineering expertise, Japan has always focused primarily on precision and high-tech goods, viz. hybrid vehicles, optical instruments and robotics. Hence, the engineering industry contributes almost 24% of the GDP of this nation. Inspite of all such achievements and competitive edge in the international market, the country seems to be inclined towards a certain pattern that is basically the driving force of Japanese engineering sector in today’s competitive world. The point here arises as to what is the key element (apart from engineering expertise) that makes Japan outperform in the international engineering market. So, the simple yet powerful pattern adopted by most of the Japanese firms is, Japanese translation.

Sudden Shift to Translation

Since years, Japan has been serving the marketers and even households with various automotive and electronic products. No wonder, the trade across the boundaries was prevalent way back before, but the products offered by the country were just limited to the metropolitan cities of various nations. Also, a number of market segments and niches were reported to be unnoticed and un-served with the engineering products. This impacted the growth in sales. Here the market players realized the real element that they were lacking. After years of research and analysis, productive Japanese Language Translation came as something that was lacking in the engineering industry, thereby holding back the sales growth. So, the Japanese firms shifted to effective translation in order to reach to a wider audience. Due to translation, the firms were able to:

■ Target the unidentified niches and demographics
■ Establish a constant connect with the target audience in their native language
■ Boost the sales graph

Hence, it leaves no doubt that why Japanese engineering industry and translation go side by side.

Extent of Dependability on Translation

Japanese translation (as already mentioned above) started to be used as the source of reaching and targeting a wider base of audience. Gradually as the usage of translation started to grow, the key players in this industry decided to utilize this translation method at the root level, as this effort would help the marketers to localize their services according the target audience. Hence, be it production engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, materials management, computer science or operations management, the translation into/from Japanese language also started for manufacturing and engineering studies, such as the ones below:

■ Computer-aided technologies
■ Putting-out system
■ Just in time
■ Mass production
■ Craft or Guild
■ Prefabrication
■ Mass customization
■ Lean manufacturing
And the like

How Come Recruitments Are Related

You might wonder that in the engineering translation sector, how come recruitments can be correlated. But it is a certain fact that translation has widened his horizon and touches every sphere of human life. Hence, most of the Engineering Translation Services providers are directed to undertake the task with utmost proficiency. As far as relation of recruitments is concerned, the role of translation is quite evident here also, as these days, the number of students opting for engineering stream has drastically increased. One of its several reasons may be its attractive salary packages. Some of the statistics that prove that recruitments are related are:

■ Almost 1.7m and 900k students have been admitted for bachelor’s and master degree’s engineering course, respectively. So, the chances of recruitments increases and thus comes the task of translating their recruitment related certificates and other documents.
■ A huge number of mechanical engineers from all over the world are hired for a salary of approx. $3.3 million.
■ Nearly 7 out 10 individuals vote for choosing the engineering sector for study and job.


The modern engineering sector has found effective ways to target the masses by involving translation at each and every step of progression. Hence, keeping abreast with Japanese translation has helped the sector in multitude ways. For the upcoming years as well the translation would keep mesmerizing the said industry with its lucrative benefits.

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