Importance of French Translation in Boosting APP Store Ranking and Sales

These days the online app stores are on a hike. Thus, the business of app store has intensified its roots in the globalized world, giving birth to cut-throat competition internationally. This has eventually led the marketers to ponder over the major aspects that would rank their online app store higher on various search engines. Trends show that, since the advent of online stores, the marketers are thoroughly scrutinizing to evolve with great ‘rank boosting ideas’. After comprehensive analysis, research showed that language translation is an ideal way out to translate the app store into different languages for a better global reach.

How Can French Translation Save Money

As mentioned above, app store ranking is dependent on language translation. For each and every business to thrive, it is important to invest time and money significantly at the right time at the right place. Hence, translating the app into every language would neither be possible for you, nor beneficial in terms of revenue. Hence, business analysts advocate for certified French Language Translation, as French is highly prioritized language in the business world. There are a number of non-English speaking nations that can be targeted with these translations. Also, with French translation, you will be able to cover a significant proportion of market with just a minimal investment, thereby saving a lot of money and other resources.

The Power of Localization

According to statistics, the modern customers are downloading the apps heavily in their native language, specifically French language. As a result, it has turned out to be an important strategy for the marketers to employ for greater sales. Other reason for employing this strategy is the fact that through translation, the app also gets localized. Thus, it has two-fold benefits.

Not just this, the recent survey reported that the more the apps are translated into French, the more the apps are getting downloaded. Since, the translated apps also features localizations, the marketers are definitely offering phenomenal experience to their customers. If you have still not localized your app, then you must do so, as it is the only way to rank it higher. The benefits borne to translation and localization of app might be clear from the following:

● Translation and localization increased the app download by more than 128% within one week.
● 27% of the marketers agreed that they clearly noticed the sales growth after translating and localizing their app.
● 39% of the marketers enjoyed the benefits of high revenue through French translation.

Reach To Global Market

The US, Japan and Korea markets are known to generate more revenues via translated app downloads than other countries combined. Even the markets in Russia, Brazil, India and China collectively grew 120%. Hence, it is needless to describe the wide scope of App Translation in today’s modernized competitive era. Minimum 80% of the online population can be targeted via localized and translated app. Among Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic, Korean and other languages, French has significantly come up with assured results.


The modern app developers need to generate flexible translation solutions, in order to increase the global app demand. This is necessary for evoking out the constructive benefits from the marketing campaigns. Further, through pristine app localization and translation, companies are on a positive side to save money, shorten the timelines to market their product and attain better visibility and workflow.

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