How To Hire a Dedicated Medical Interpretation Company For My Hospital?

To mitigate the communication issues arising out of language and cultural diversities, hospitals and other healthcare providers are required to offer interpretation (language access solutions) solution to their patients. There have been many cases in the past where just due to lack of communication between the doctor and the patient, the former was unable to asses the case well and the latter was unable to get the right treatment. As a risk, it risked patient’s life, who didn’t speak the same language as the doctor or the hospital staff.

So, if you are a hospital owner, doctor or any healthcare provider, it is important to hire a medical interpretation company that can work dedicatedly for you whenever you come across a patient from a different language background. In this blog, we’ll discuss how you  can find the right interpretation agency for your hospital or clinic.

Civil Rights Act

According to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI), there should be no discrimination on the basis of national origin, race, or color. The federal funded hospitals or healthcare providers should provide language access services, such as expert Medical Interpretation in Kansas, for their patients. For non-federal funded hospitals, Title VI requirements may not hold significance. But, there may be certain state laws, which may require hospitals to provide interpretation to the patients.

Title VI entities include hospitals, managed care organizations, social service organizations, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, home health agencies, state Medicaid agencies, and health service providers.

How To Choose The Right Medical Interpreting Agency?

Miscommunication is perilous in every sphere of our lives. But, in a medical or healthcare setting, miscommunication turns into a matter of life and death. You will definitely not want to risk your patient’s life or put your hospital’s image at stake.

Hence, you must choose the right interpretation company that can bridge the communication gap between doctors and patients. Here is how –

1- Determine Your Needs

First and foremost, it is important to determine your needs. You must know what type of interpretation service you need. You want the interpreter to visit your hospital for face-to-face interpretation or a video remote/ phone interpreting is ideal for you?

2- Check For Dedicated Long Term Services

As you would want to connect with a company that works for you on a long-term basis dedicatedly, you must check if the company works in the same manner for delivering the best Interpretation Services in Ohio. Obviously, no company denies repeat clients, but there may be companies that work on contract or short-term or per-project basis. So, you would have to check if the interpreters working for the company will be readily available whenever a medical case of interpretation comes across.

3- Check The Expertise Of Interpreters

Ask about the experience and expertise of the interpreters working with the company. Discuss everything in detail about what you want to know. Check if the interpreters are professionals and well aware with the medical terminologies. You can even ask about any previous clients they had served in the medical industry.

4- Escorting For Medical Visits

If your hospital keeps organizing medical camps or different types of health-related programmes across nations, you may need interpreters who would escort you to the destination for interpreting during the medical visit. If you do not want someone to come along, you can check if the company provides immediate access phone and video interpreters.

5- Instant Availability

There’s no point of contacting an interpretation company that is unable to help you with interpretation at the right time. Since you are looking for a dedicated interpretation partner, you must make it clear that the company gives more preference to your requirements over others. The interpreters must be instantly available for fulfilling your interpretation requirements, be it any language pair or any location, as in the case of escorting interpreters.

Don’t risk your medical license, hospital’s reputation and most importantly patient’s life. If you choose the right interpreter, you can be rest assured that there would be no communication gaps in doctor-patient conservation. At TridIndia, we can be your ultimate point of contact for all types of medical interpretation.

With experienced medical interpreters on board, we commit that when you join hands with us for long-term dedicated project, our interpreters will be readily available whenever you need interpretation of medical communication. We will even translate medical reports, prescription etc. for you.

To have more information, call us at +91-8527599223 or mail us at [email protected]


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