Top 10 Languages Used On the Internet And Why?

With approximately 7,151 languages spoken worldwide, there are the top 10 languages used on the internet that online users most commonly use. Let’s find out.

English is not just the most widely spoken language but also dominates the digital world.

However, businesses relying only on this language for global expansion is not enough. Because there are many other languages that are doing good on the internet other than English.

Businesses and people from various parts of the world are even considering accurate website localization process to adapt their content to multiple languages.

Are you eager to know about the most spoken languages that online users use on the internet?

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Most Used Languages On The Internet

Here we have compiled the top 10 languages used on the web with a valid reason why they are gaining so much popularity.

1- English

With around 1,186,451,052 online users today, English is the highly popular language on the internet (i.e. the one with a large number of speakers).

This is not very unexpected as because of this language the word “Internet” was born.

As it was the founding language of the internet, most of the contents are available in English. Even if your website has language available in any regional language, you can think of affordable English translation solutions.

2- Chinese

Not shocking to see Chinese in the 2nd position, considering China’s vast territory and large population of 1.35 billion.

With 888,453,068 internet users, its position in the top 10 is justifiable.

Also, because of this language’s annual user growth rate i.e. 2,650.4%, it’s better to translate your website and make it accessible to Chinese speakers.

3- Spanish

Spanish has a big advantage that made it rank in the 3rd position of the most famous languages online: It is the official language of several countries.

With around 363,684,593 Spanish-speaking internet users, it shows 7.9% of the world’s share. It comprises various dialects and the content chased in Spanish is increasing.

This means an immediate Spanish translation help is paramount to attracting more Spanish speakers to your business.

4- Arabic

A few years ago, Arabic was just a small language used on the internet. But today with 237,418,349 active internet users, it has secured 4th position.

Although the language does not get the top three spots, it’s worth translating your website into Arabic. It also brings another excellent opportunity to begin your multilingual marketing campaign.

5- Indonesian / Malaysian

With more than 64% of their active population online (198,029,815 users), they have 4.3% of the global participation rate.

Hardly anyone believes, but this language has successfully grabbed the sixth spot on the list.

If this is your target language, here you need to understand the huge importance of localization of the website to ensure that information about products and services is available in the Malaysian language and this helps several industries to connect with Malaysian speakers.

6- Portuguese

Portuguese has witnessed continuous growth in the number of speakers on the web. Presently with 171,750,818 users, it effectively represents 3.7% of the world’s total.

Furthermore, Portuguese is the official language of almost nine countries as well as one independent territory (Macao), so make sure your translation strategy should definitely have it on board.

7- French

Let’s welcome the most romantic language on the hit list.

French secured the 7th position among the most popular languages online, with approximately 151,733,611 active users as well as 3.3% of the world share.

Also, as per the reviews from Bloomberg, French is the 2nd widely used language in business. Furthermore, 4% of net content material is available in this lingo.

Thus, the demand to accurately translate website into French language is unavoidable. If you are targeting the French-speakers, this strategy will bring you enormous benefits.

8- Japanese

The Japanese language holds the eighth position on the web because of 118,626,672 active users. Also, after English, Japanese is one of the languages with the highest daily hits on Wikipedia.

Thus, localizing your business website to Japanese means huge traffic, business and an instant boost in your ROI.

9- Russian

Along with Malaysian and Arabic, it is the language with an excellent growth rate, which implies that its place in the ranking is so strong (116,353,942 internet users).

Furthermore, among the 10 million high-ranked websites, Russian is among the widely popular languages with the most available content online.

10- German

The German has been in the ranking for many years, although its rank has changed continuously. However, it might stay in the top 10 for quite a long time since, like in Japan, almost the whole population utilizes the internet—92,525,427, as of now, active users.

It’s quite easy to translate your website by hiring a reliable translation company in Ahmedabad and you will gain access to German-speaking people who use the internet.

In Conclusion

Based on your geographic area as well as the target audience, you can pick any language to translate or localize your website. It’s a crucial aspect of your marketing strategies too because it enables you to reach specific audiences who are fluent in speaking different languages.

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