How These Most Translated Children’s Books become Famous?

Language has always been obstacle at literature domain but nothing had stop these most translated children’s books in getting global fame through the implementation of accurate translation strategy. The problem was to solve linguistic barrier and challenge was to retain its original meaning. Biggest problem for any author is to maintain same level of feeling, meaning and dedication in multiple languages. This was extremely difficult because of the language differentiation and phrase interpretation that conveys different meaning.

Rhyming and the beautiful sentences that were looking so perfect in English does not sound better or similar when conveyed in other languages. That’s why majority of authors and publisher look for professional bringing your book out to sell among interested readers around the world.

Before we proceed on that how translation is beneficial in Literature here are some of the great examples that will tell you that with accurate translation any book can become worldwide sensation.

● The Story Of A Little Mole written by German children author known as Werner Holzwarth and Wolf Erlbruch.

● The Snowman And Son, an Iranian literature that got translated and famous

● Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird written by Paris kalantari

● The Little Black Fish of 1974that also won Hans Christian Andersen award. It was issued by Tiny Hours in English and gain popularity among Kindergarten.

● Meet The Artist Picasso. The book was translated by Lawrence Schimeland it’s the best edited English book declared by Spanish Ministry of culture.

● Pancake Boy By Swen. This book has a worldwide sale of 6 million and has been translated into 44 languages.

● Azizi And Little Blue Bird this story has also inspired political change in Tunisia

● Adventurous Journey Of A Mouse To Moon that translated into English and told the world about charismatic scientific observation.

● Little Red Hood that was Re imagine of Little Red Riding Hood with an intention of not getting eaten by Wolf and became famous among children’s. In 2012, it also received and UKLA children’s award

● An Elephantasy I. E. Story of huge and lonely elephant with a surreal adventure to follow.

How Literary And Book Translation Is Beneficial

Every author dreams of getting Global attention and popularity but major hurdle they face is thousands of languages and its becomes extremely difficult to maintain same level of understanding just like an essence of original.

Through Literature translation you gain the assistance of certified multilingual team that are skilled in handling your literature and make sure that message in passed on correctly. This helps in bringing your book out in this world.

● This is beneficial to avoid any chaotic, culture and racist content that might jeopardize your author reputation.

● Other than this, using of same level of rhyme, meaning and sentence in each targeted language becomes much easier through subject related expertise in your business.

● Your reach becomes amplified and you’ll be able to sell more copies at multiple regions that further leads to maximum sales.

● The greatest impact will be on you. Translation is extremely beneficial in making author popular. People will follow you and wait for your next release.

So if you ask us- should budding author translate their books? Then our answer would be definitely YES. You have crafted your literature beautifully and we believe that it deserves to get noticed. Think of this perspective, other side of the door lies potential and only way to go there is by using the right key. Translation is that key that paves the direction to many authors to make their work worldwide known.

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