How To Hire Global Remote Workers For Worldwide Companies?

At present, global businesses are tremendously setting up virtual offices for remote employees but they get hard time in placing right employees for right candidate. It has been analyzed that employees are more productive and dedicated if they work on remote areas. This concept is becoming applicable that shifts the dependency of local applicants to hire remote workers.

The question usually arise is- Where to Start? The hiring requirement could be depended on- technical skills, previous performance, email decorum, product knowledge, work schedule and many other. The thing might seem difficult but it can be attain accurately by outsourcing to HR agency and sharing your recruitment need.

Candidates from Global Platform

Today there are several online platforms for posting job requirement but make sure that you select personnel from international job sites only. This is beneficial in getting finest placement of business. Here are few tips to work with:

• Seek for regional website for feasible global candidates as per region such as naukri in India, Heise in Germany and many more.

• Look for language requirement i.e. are you looking for English speaking candidate or multilingual workforce.

• Take help of social media to find best remote workers such as linked-in that easily lets you to search out as of your required job post.

• Make sure that you write credible job description. It is extremely important for you to become clear and concise about the job commitment.

• Avoid using unnecessary symbol such as smileys, heart or any other symbol that might make you look like scam.

• Describe job requirement and skill depending upon job culture. It is important to set some standard such as minimum qualification or salary requirement.

There are several major hiring trends that you must also need to be familiar for better recruitment by choosing right one among pool.

Screening Candidates Remotely

You can examine a candidate a lot better once to get to see their performance with your own eyes. This is significant to companies where written communication task has to be achieved in near future. During this process, most of recruitment agency seeks for reliable translation services for better translation of question papers or any necessary documents. Here are certain set of standards to look for:

• Remote Candidate Must Be Able To Express In Writing Without Any Mistake And In Accurate Sentence Formation.

• Look For Their Problem Solving Technique And Client Handling Technique In Stressful Environment.

• Neglect the weak candidate through e-mail and select your top contenders

• Seek their behavior, attitude, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm in response that’ll address their seriousness toward work.

Here’s the list of some worthy question to ask among new hires before asserting any role to them.

At Interviews Time

Make sure that you do not fall your first impression is the last impression phrase as in case of remote position you need to be careful and strict.

• Conduct First Interview Through Video Call: This helps in finding out weather candidate is comfortable in internet, computer, and video capabilities. Remote team usually has to assist cli4nts through video calls.

• Look For Their First Impression: Their facial expression, attitude, dressing style and impressions tells a lot about them.

After Interview Time

• It is obligatory that you thank them for their time and make sure that candidate questions will be answered.

• This is even more important for remote workers as your work will be conducted completely via written communication.

Coming Up With Final Decision

• After identifying top contenders, it’s time to come up with final candidate selection. At this stage it is recommended top talk about projects, specific question and research that you’ll like to share on company product.

• Look for demonstration and enthusiasm plus how they solve any technical issue. It is extremely important for remote worker to deal with problem independently.

Providing offer letter

Ultimately you’ve arrived at last point and you are left with some of great personnel we believe so. It’s time that you offer the position to worthy candidate that you promised so at the beginning. You are a team of dedicated people and must consider new joiners as important asset to organization.

All these process might occur as lengthy to you but it serves 2 purposes if you clearly see i.e. placing right people to right job and using less among of financial resource in al these process. It is by far the best method to recruit remote workers.

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