How to Multilingual Recruiters Must Apply Onboarding Strategy

If you are a reputed Multilingual Recruitment Agency that is currently in a high-growth mode and recruiting new candidates rapidly, then the onboarding strategy might hold a significant importance for your firm. It’s actually very easy to just welcome the new employees on their very first day and conduct an orientation session describing the list of facts including that where they should sit, whom they should report and what is their never-ending list of tasks etc. performing this, you have certainly guaranteed higher turnover from the employee in his first year of employment. To make sure that the most proficient candidates stick around, you need to adopt an effective onboarding strategy that results in constant development for both the organization as well as the new employee. Further, the proposed strategy assures job satisfaction, improved job performance and greater organizational commitment from new employees’ end.

The four steps, listed below describe ways to ensure that you start off on the right foot: –

1. Initiate the Onboarding Strategy during Recruitment Process

During recruitment process, make sure that you treat all candidates with utmost respect. Constantly Follow up with them, keep them updated what is going on during the entire process, and determine when they will receive the final decision. Also, expose the candidates to your organizational culture while recruiting.

2. Be Ready For Their Warm Welcome

Remember that there is no excuse for a lack of preparation. Make sure that the direct supervisors provide a warm welcome to the new employees. Have their workspace prepared for them, Assign a team member to introduce the new employees with other employees and invite them to lunch on the first day and Ensure they join discussions and meetings that are relevant to their job.

3. Opportunity to the New Hires

Make sure that the new hires contribute phenomenal business ideas and input in the first week itself. Since, you hired them for their superior skills and ideas, so let them input their creative thoughts immediately. You can even schedule a session with your founder or any other higher authority so that they can provide useful feedback. These types of activities are essential for infusing positive attitude in the new hires. Eventually they will be satisfied by their job role by investing significantly in the success of your company.

4. Share Feedback Regularly

Start providing feedback to the new employees on a regular basis. No need of any formal reviews, just describe, how the new hire is performing. On a regular basis, tell them about the areas where they excelled and where they still need to improve. Connect them with other employees who can teach or train them regarding the things they need to know. Make sure to draw connections between their inputs and the company’s success.


By simply following these four steps for undertaking an onboarding strategy, your Multilingual Recruitment Agency will definitely boast of productive and engaged employees from their very first day.

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