Why Do You Need Certified Kannada Translation Service? [A Detailed Analysis]

A major part of the Dravidian language, Kannada is spoken well by the Kannada people, living in Karnataka. It’s a part of the linguistic minorities in the present states of Telangana, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, TN, and abroad areas. So, if you genuinely want to grow your business in these parts of the world, then don’t you think you need certified Kannada translation?

Still, confused about why do you need certified Kannada translation services for your business? Let’s clear all your doubts. This language is known to have a speaker base of around 38 million native ones who are primarily known as Kannadigas. Therefore, going for Kannada translation can give you many benefits and help you in different types of document translation. Kannada is the most scheduled language in all over India and also the official and administrative language in Karnataka state. This clearly shows that translating in Kannada can help you reach a wider audience.

Here we will discuss the need for certified Kannada translation.

Why You Need Kannada Translation?

1. Business Is Secured

Kannada translation is increasingly being used in all aspects of daily life, from conducting business in various countries, to helping students enroll in a school. Language is evolving continuously. No computer program can replace the power of translation and comprehension capabilities of professional translators, which makes the proven language translation very secure.

2. Online Business Growth

You require translation for the growth of your online business also. Though online businesses usually target a specific group of people of a country, sometimes it has been seen that visitors from other countries also visit your site. With Kannada translation of your site you open doors to huge group of Kannada-speaking people.

3. Difference In Meaning

Translating a language also rely on the type of language the translator is working on. A language like Kannada may sound the same but within a country, it can still be translated differently, for words can convey various meanings according to the area where it is used. Words can conveniently be mistranslated and the meaning may turn into something little offensive. A professional translator will know the nuances and the context of whatever language is being translated.

It can be said that high-value Kannada translation leans more towards art rather than science.

4. Powerful Localization

Localization can help you to spread the product information in various languages and cultures. They hold a high degree of knowledge about the product and the local users of the product. The goal of the localization is to adapt information from where it has been manufactured and spread it where it will be valued.

5. Benefits Every Field

Kannada translation can help people from various fields, especially in travel and tourism. Translators need to translate the history of the nation to the tourists visiting the country for vacation. The human certified translation solutions can also help the healthcare industry to promote communication between hospital management and the patients. Medical translators have strong knowledge of both medical and conversational terms in both languages.

6. Online Communication

While the Kannada language is a top language in terms of the number of speakers, English is the dominant internet language. Whether it is Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, German, or French, it can be surmised that these people only talk with people who speak the same language, the language that they can understand clearly.

Without someone translating, a Kannada speaker will not be able to understand what a Russian speaker is trying to say unless both of them know the language of the other person. Therefore, the best foreign document translation or business translation is important.


Nowadays, the language translation is being used in all aspects of daily life, from helping a student to enroll in a new school to translating for a corporate executive who has just established a new business in some other country. Furthermore, if you are looking for a reputed translation provider, then Tridindia is where your search ends. Backed with the team of experts who have deep knowledge of languages, we are the leading translation solution provider. Our team delivers you error-free work within the given time.

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