What is the Need of Birth Certificate Translation? [3 Mind Blowing Facts]

Birth certificate translations are very useful, especially if you are traveling all across the world. A birth certificate is more than just a document delivering the details of your birth. It is often used as a legal record to prove identity and get other documents. So, don’t you think having birth certificate translation is important?

A birth certificate is an essential document issued by the country where the child is born. It holds important information about the parents, child, place of birth, date and time, and sometimes they describe the health of the child, normally issued by the hospitals. The certificate also mentions that child which is born is healthy or has any abnormalities. A birth certificate is needed in important processes, for instance, matters related to inheritance, studying abroad, or even in your country, getting jobs may need a birth certificate, visa as well as immigration purposes. If you don’t have a consistent certificate translation in Pune, you will be in serious trouble.

The Need Of Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificates showcase the full nationality and identity of an individual. This is the reason that whenever you plan to travel all across the world (for employment, study, visit, etc), translation is mostly needed, in case the target language does not go with the language in your birth certificate. The officials and powers in the foreign country will methodically scrutinize your birth certificate, to certify your profile.

Henceforth, if you are seeking for effective translation solutions to get your certificate of birth translated in the target language, then there are different service providers who can assist you. Listed below are some points that will show you why you need accurate language translation services:

1. Travel Will Be Easier If You Translate Your Birth Certificate

Often times, legal proof of birth date can make it easier for individuals to travel conveniently. If you cannot prove your age then it will be difficult for you to travel alone or even enter some other country. There are many countries that want proper documents for proofing your identity and a birth certificate is one of them. Although it’s not necessary everywhere, having it would only give you benefits.

2. Translate Your Birth Certificate To Legally Prove Your Age

It is very important for your identity to be legally proved and identified by the government of the country you are living in or traveling to. The valuable importance of translation is massive here. If it is not translated into the native language of the country you are in or traveling to, then you might not be able to enjoy many advantages that you can get according to your age.

When traveling to a new country, ensure that your birth certificate is translated into the language people around you speak. This will assure you that your age is true and confirmed to get all the benefits legally.

3. To Get Accurate ID Documents Translate Birth Certificate

Identification documents such as a passport or driver’s license are needed for living or working in another country. Therefore you should know what is certificate translation. However, things can get really complicated if you are legally adult and the government of the country where you live in can’t able to understand your birth certificate. And if your birth certificate doesn’t prove that you are legally adult, your passport or driver’s license would be invalid until you translate your birth certificate properly into the country’s native languages.


Language is the specialty of every translation company like us. Irrespective of the complexity of the language, we provide a high-quality translation for the birth certificate in Indian as well as foreign language ranges. Here at Tridindia, we understand why is certificate translation so important for you to know the legalization process can be a bit complex. Our team makes sure that all your documents are prepared correctly cost-effectively, quickly, and without any errors.

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