Know The Importance Of Translation And Why It Is Needed?

About 80% of global population look for information on the internet that is presented in their native language. Information present in a localized language leaves a remarkable impression on the readers.

According to a survey, nearly 1.4 billion people every day surf the websites that are written in their native language, and the count is only expected to grow in the coming years.

This clearly shows how language is important in business and other sectors. Translating a website or a document in more than one language boosts its value. Basically, translation is a huge medium to reach thousands of readers every day.

Let’s know more about translation and why it is required!

What Is Translation?

Translation, as you have assumed till now, is the technique of converting written words from one language to another. It consists of two different types of languages, viz. source language and Target language. The former is the language of the actual documents, while the latter is the language in which documents are needed to be translated.

The purpose of translation is to transfer the original tone and objective of a message, taking into account regional and cultural differences between target and source languages. Translation has been utilized by humans for many years, beginning after the appearance of written literature.

Organizations all across the world, surrounding a multitude of missions, mandates, and sectors, rely on translation for product labels, promotional materials, user reviews, technical documentation, annual reports, and much more. These organizations work with legalized companies who employ local human translation.

When you approach a translation company, you will be asked about the target and source languages. Upon translation, you will get a similar copy of the original documents in a different language.

So you planned to expand your business operations by stepping into the global market. You are right to think that there are many checklists you have to look at if you need to compete successfully in the international arena. One of which is that you have to consider professional translation, especially if you want to cater to a multilingual market.

Besides connecting with people from all around the world, the internet also holds the power of global business growth as it enabled companies to reach global customers. Even if the internet brings all these benefits to all people, businesses still look at language as a barrier that keeps them from targeting a wider audience. Though many companies utilize the English language as a source of communication, many countries still prefer conversing using their native language.

Here reliable translation solutions play an essential role in filling communication gaps. It assists in bringing big groups of linguistically and culturally different people together, letting them communicate in the best way possible.

Learn Translation

Language translation is the method of turning the written word from one language to another language in a manner that is linguistically and culturally prominent so it can be understood by its target audience. Translators capture the content, form, and style of the actual text precisely as well as accurately and then convert it into the target language. The method consumes time and basically needs many editions. The translator must read the text in the source language, explain its meaning, then write, rewrite and proofread the content in the target language to make sure the original meaning, form, and style is there. According to the context, the trustworthy language service providers have to apply thorough research and consultation methods to the work at hand to widen the audience’s understanding. The results will be polished and error-free.

A translator’s main aim is to adapt your text such that the international audience does not even realize they are reading a translated context. Therefore, the translator handles your text as described below. At the same time, the translator considers that:

• You want the translation within a specific deadline.
• You want to keep the translation solutions within a specific budget.

Having translation to meet the needs of your audience is not an option. Additionally, it is also needed by law for many healthcare and government organizations. Now, you know the massive importance of business translation.

Top Importance Of Translation

1. Helps To Make Your Business Global

In an increasingly globalized world where many businesses conduct global transactions, you can say that going global, or at the very least, nationwide is becoming a normal thing for different businesses. Businesses are no longer restricted to geographic boundaries, all thanks to effective e-commerce technologies as well as fast shipping options. It is no wonder that many businesses are preferring to join this bandwagon.

Whether you have a traditional brick-and-mortar business or a home-based business, it is complicated to have the efficient tools and solutions to make relevance and a foothold with the global audience. The most efficient method of doing that is to employ professional translation.

2. Increases Internet Commerce

Nowadays, more businesses are preferring internet commerce because of modern technology. Having a site will enable you to do business with people from all across the world. However, these people will have to understand your language. You also require to know their language too. This is the reason why translations are vital. Preferring top benefits of human translation and translating your web content into different languages can assist visitors from all across the world know what you are providing and thereby boost your sales margin.

3. Gain Maximum Profits

By getting the translation, you can have maximum profits from huge sales in international territories. A business can be very successful if the owner efficiently conveys his message in the native language of his prospective customers internationally. They would find it very attractive if you use their language while advertising or promoting your business. Surveys show that people are more probably to purchase a product or service if it is marketed or advertised in their own language.

On the contrary, ad campaigns in languages which they are not aware of can develop doubt in their mind about whether or not they should buy a specific foreign product.

4. Conveys Global Perspective & Scope

Language is not entirely used for communicating solutions and ideas. It is an efficient tool that is utilized to reach out to people to convey global perspective and scope. If you hire the correct translator for your business then you will get maximum revenue from sales in other countries. Your business can be a great success if you can efficiently convey its message in various languages to a wide range of potential customers globally. People in various country will find it very attractive if their language is utilized for brand promotion through marketing campaign or advertising. And with this, you will also realize why business need translation service.

Therefore, if you wish to make your target audience present in various corners of the world, know the text, then do not hesitate to invest in professional translation. If you are not so high on the marketing budget, then consider looking for a translation service provider at an affordable price without compromising the quality aspect.

Keep in mind, language translation can successfully fill the gap between you and your international customers.


What is the Importance of translation?

If you fail to deliver relevant information about your business to potential customers, you may have to face big losses in the near future. The competition is really tough, and there are thousands of international and domestic firms ready to grab your audience. By translating content, you have the perfect chance to deliver the right information to the right user and boost sales.

When it comes to customer satisfaction and retention, the translation services for public sectors in today’s world are vital and one can’t even think to grow business without it. This becomes more essential if businesses are spreading online and have international clients to deal with. Translation helps in gathering their attention immediately and delivering the right type of brand message in their native language.

Let’s clearly understand how the translation can be helpful and beneficial to customers.

Generate an engaging session by delivering accurate information on time.
Attaining the attention of the audience and making them aware your products more.
Differentiates your products from others.
Makes your product/services/offering look relevant in a world of different languages.

This sounds pretty neat, right? Let’s be very practical, customers will not say your language so it’s better you speak in theirs. By changing the look and feel according to the target audiences, there will be personalization and your audience will surely love that.

Besides, translation services for world trade is a great way to showcase your business in a more flawless and polished way. Let’s go through different types of translation that will help you to know how translation is beneficial in every field.

Different Types of Translation

Translations can be classified into two categories- Business related, and Non- Business related. However, some types overlap in both categories.

So, let’s identify the most common types of translations that are executed.

1- Literary Translation

The name is quite self-explanatory- literature translation means the translation of literary works like novels, stories, plays, and poems. It is usually considered the highest form of translation as a literary translation is so much more than just conveying the meaning and context of the document in the source language into the target language.

It involves the suitable translation of humor, cultural nuances, emotions, feelings, and other subtle elements of a specific work. Many litterateurs believe that it is very difficult, if not possible, to convey works of literature- especially poetry.

Some examples of situations that could be very complicated are- puns, rhyming words, anagrams, idioms, and so on. Often, there are no suitable translations in the target language, and the variation is lost, and that is where the role of a native translator comes to play.

Have you ever tried to translate a joke into some other language? If you have, you may understand this. Haven’t you felt, that it did not seem as funny when translated?

Mostly, many subtle overtones the writer has hinted at are lost in translation. Then there is the matter of the unconventional writing style of the author- the translator has a difficult job in striving to convey that uniqueness.

2- Commercial Translation

This kind of translation entails a translator to own specialized skills, like the industry to which the business belongs, and knowledge of the business jargon. The types of text in the translation of commercial documents could include reports, business correspondence, company accounts, tender accounts, memos, and so on.

Sometimes, this could overlap with legal translation if the organization manages legal paperwork.

3- Legal Translation

This is the most complicated translations which generally involves marriage certificate translations and birth certificate translations, agreements, translating contracts, memorandums, treaties, wills, and so on.

A reputed translator requires to understand many underlying contexts of the documents and that of the two countries or regions for which the documents are intended- the politico-legal aspects, and socio-cultural aspects as well.

They would then have to translate it in a manner that the target audience conveniently understands the text. Even if you are familiar with the cultures and other aspects and skilled at translation, you may have to consult legal experts so as to make sure that your translation is completely error-free.

4- Technical Translations

You can understand the term “technical translation” in two different ways:

In its broadest sense, it is about translating user manuals, internal notes, instructions leaflets, financial reports, medical translation, administrative terms in general, minutes of proceedings, and so forth. These documents share the distinction of being for a limited and specific target audience and generally have a limited shelf-life.

In its most limited sense, technical translation refers to “technical” documentation like engineering, IT, electronics, mechanics, and industrial texts.

Technical translation requires a knowledge of the specialized terminology used in the sector of the source text.

5- Medical Translations

Any medical content that is related to the patient, like packaging, labels, instructions, or software, and content that is related to the product, like clinical trial paperwork, research papers, quality management certificates, generally needs translation. It is genuinely imperative that the translation service providers are experienced, have the necessary knowledge, and are in-country experts.

Translation of medical documents can also be very complicated as the needs of translation can vary from country to country, a translator or company specialized in medical documents would be your best choice, as they would be familiar with the intricacies of all various needs.

6- Website Translations

We are of course discussing website copy, subtitles for video on your web pages, and every other document you have there. Here you will also have to change things such as address formats and layouts and also currencies, so as to appeal to the various local audiences. You have to think about the languages you want your site to be translated into and localize only those pages which will approach the target audiences.

Translating a website is a great way to boost business revenue from the different parts of the world.

7- Script Translation

Many famous TV shows and movies that come out of Hollywood are dubbed into multiple languages and released worldwide. Sometimes the film is from foreign languages and translated into English and other European languages- like the Telugu language blockbuster Baahubali which was released in both German and Chinese, among other languages.

The Harry Potter series was also released in tons of languages. But for these releases to happen, the scripts have to be translated first, and then the dialogues.

You can say this is a kind of literary translation, but it is not exactly the same. It can be very complicated, as translating jokes, punchlines, or catchy phrases into another language to make the same impact is a little difficult. With more movies being released in different languages nowadays, this type of translation is massively in demand.

Why Translation Is Needed?

Now that you have seen the importance of translation, let’s see the advantages of translation service.

a)- Reach a Larger Audience

The major advantage you get from translation is that a larger audience can be reached. Translation companies appeal to organizations worldwide by expanding their purpose, brand, and goals to people all across the globe. You will be able to reach markets you did not think existed before.

With translation, you will be able to open up new gates of possibilities that will help you in many coming years.

b)- Create a Common Understanding

Information technology is rapidly growing nowadays. With technical translation, you will be able to form a common understanding of many different languages that will give an advantage to your business massively.

c)- Protects Your Business Reputation

While you might be familiar with a language that you are translating in, top ten languages translation for international business will take you above and beyond. Always invest your hard-earned money in professional translation. Serious translation errors can make issues for your business.

Professional translation will permit you to get rich, deep context and an accurate translation for essential documents to share with those you are connecting with.

d)- Accomplish Legal Matters with Success

Translation sometimes goes beyond business development. If you are working with someone who does not speak English, the legal translation will help you communicate clearly for any proposal you are attempting to make.

This translation will make everything pertaining to legal matters become clear and appeal to the international market for creating partnerships.

e)- Travel Becomes Easier with Good Translation

Translation has had the biggest impact in the field of travel & tourism. From brochures and documents to terms and conditions agreement, translation has assisted the field to offer exceptional experiences to travelers in various languages.

Travelers from multiple regions have the desire to travel and it is up to travel companies to make this as convenient as possible. Language translation services like standard Spanish translation is great for this field.

How Hiring A Professional Translation Company Can Grow Your Business?

A reliable and experienced translation company offers multiple advantages that can back you achieve long-term success.

a)- Global Access : The professional translation companies have the ability, resources, and expertise to make your company site multilingual. They can translate your content conveniently into multiple languages which will help in tapping into global markets. Thus, if you are eager to take your business growth to another level, translation companies can assist you massively.

For aiming different foreign markets efficiently, your company website requires to be in their local language and that’s why you should hire a reputed translation partner.

Their services like blog translation can be very beneficial for expanding into global markets. Simply put, the foremost essential benefit of translation service is that you can gain worldwide recognition shortly.

b)- Enhanced Localization : Once you decide to aim many foreign marketplaces, you require to make special efforts for delivering every market with a customized and exclusive experience. For making your genuine clients feel valued and for building your credibility, you should cater to their cultural practices and amalgamate local nuances.

For doing so, you will require professional assistance by native language professionals which only an experienced translation company can offer. Thus, hiring a professional translation company can assist in developing your image by localizing your online profile. By customizing your business site according to the preference of local markets, you will be able to achieve their attention and stand out from the crowd.

In this way, a company can be a valuable asset for delivering your visitors with localized experiences which in result can increase your conversion rate and form a loyal customer base.

c)- Valuable Marketing Resource: The availability of tailored content for the consumption of the target visitors can be massively helpful in marketing your business. The more your potential and regular customers enjoy a fabulous browsing experience on your company website, the more your conversion rate will increase.

Plus, other suitable content including marketing collateral also requires to be creatively transformed into the local language of foreign market places. The urgent translation for companies can add a lot to your credibility and leave a positive impact. Besides, it can assist your brand to become the first preference of the target audience.

Simply stated, the services of a prominent translation company can make you beat your competitors. By creative translation of your content, you can get your marketing goals conveniently.

d)- Better Customer Engagement : Along with many other benefits of hiring a translation partner, another promising one is delivering your potential and regular customers with an enhanced experience. Through transforming your business into other languages, you can conveniently attract different foreign markets and grab their attention. Through fabulously translated content, you can keep the audience engaged and deliver them with a convenient experience.

Thus, if you want to make large customer bases in different foreign markets, it is important to take the assistance of an experienced translation service provider. The native translators can translate your content into many different languages and deliver you with reliable and accurate translations.


Translation services are still very demanding in our world today. Our multilingual and multicultural world is at a place where the demand for clear and effective communication between cultures and languages is very high. Schools, companies, medical missions all get advantage from the incorporation of translation.

There are multiple organizations that deliver translation services which not only guarantee you the error-free translation but also help you in boosting sales and revenue. Just the right research and you will get a company that fits perfectly in your requirements.

At Tridindia, we deliver translation services for all types of documents. With the years of belief that our clients show for us and our team’s effective understanding, we are successfully providing efficient as well as effective work on time. We would be highly grateful to help you in the same way as we are helping others to grow their business.

To know more, reach to our project manager +91-8527599523 or simply mail us at [email protected]


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