How You Can Order Human Transcription Online In a Minute

The buzz of Online Human Transcription is soaring new horizons in the international business world, these days. Who would have thought that there can be an amazing technique that converts audio files into properly drafted written texts? In the good old times, it was obviously a dream. But, today, it is one of the most demanded services in several sectors, viz. linguistics, academics, medical and legal industry. The growing need of the said service is a clear signal to how eager the businesses are, for streamlining their administrative tasks and staying aligned with their ultimate business goals/ objectives.

However, to finish their tasks in a nick of time and save costs, they somehow fall in the trap of automated transcriptions. These types of services basically create an illusion around you and make you believe that the output is highly qualitative. But, as soon as you step in the market, you find that your investment in all of the resources (time, money, efforts etc.) was just a waste of time. Hence, you must always keep this in mind that human transcription is better than machine transcription, and nothing in the world can match the quality offered by the former. So, if you are looking for some reliable transcription vendors online, here is all what you should know –

a) How to Order Online – The Right Vendor

Ordering the services online is not just associated to the process of doing so; it involves considering different factors, like finding the right service provider. If you make the wrong choice, every other thing that relates to your business would be affected badly. So, while you are filtering your options, ask the following questions to the other party, in order to pick the perfect outsourcing partner –

• What is the accuracy/ quality level that you commit?
• What is the turnaround time?
• How well you can manage tight deadlines or bulk assignments?
• What do you do to assure strict confidentiality?
• Is there any hidden fees or extra charges?

b) How to Order Online – The Types

The next factor in the series is ‘The Types’. Before outsourcing transcription services, you must be aware of the major types of transcription, so that when you contact the vendor, you have a clear idea about what exactly you want. Here are the prominent types –

• Verbatim Transcription

This type of transcription is highly expensive, complicated, difficult and time-consuming. But still, its demand is too high, as it involves transcribing every single detail in the audio file – each spoken word, background noise, every laugh, every mumbled sentence and every emotion. The time is also coded in the written format. Thus, this transcription lets you get access to the exact duplicate copy of the video or audio file.

• Edited Transcription

As the name suggests, under this type of transcription, the transcriber has the freedom of omitting some parts from the audio or video file. However, omitting does not mean that the meaning would change. The message remains intact; its just that few unnecessary things are removed to ease the work. Generally such types of transcriptions are used for conferences, speeches, classes and seminars.

• Intelligent Transcription

This transcription also costs you higher, due to its so-called ‘intelligent’ nature. It does not include transcription for emotions, garbled speech or half-sentences. Hence, the end result is a straightforward written product that reads intelligently. Therefore, transcriber must be well experienced and qualified to do the job.

c) How to Order Online – The Multi-Language Factor

This factor relates to businessmen, who receive audio or video files in multiple Indian or foreign languages. If the files you receive, speak in your native language, then you need not to be concerned about this factor. However, having a multilingual resource is always regarded as an edge in today’s modern world. So, while you order the services online, make sure that the service provider possesses multilingual expertise. It will definitely help you in the long run.

d) How to Order Online – The Process

Last but not the least factor in the series is, understanding how to order the services online. If you are new to this field, you can face some difficulties in the process of transcription outsourcing from an online service provider. Although the ordering system is not that problematic, yet you may encounter some service providers, who can make a simple thing, hell for you. Also, the systems may not be secure. So, you must be very cautious about that. Generally, the process involves only 3 easy steps, as under –


These services hold utmost importance for a business man today. Hence, if you desire to succeed in your respective domain, do not neglect this and also do not compromise quality over rates. Make sure you order or outsource the services to a reliable partner, on the basis of ‘quality’ offered and not on quantity or rates. So, choose right and grab the benefits.

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