How Important Is Quality In Transcription Process?

The war between quality and quantity might never end. But, quality assurance in transcription process is something that you must give maximum attention to. No matter, how expensive transcription seems to be, you must never compromise the quality factor for the service rates or quantity. But, before you entrust a service provider, you must clearly understand that guaranteeing quality is not just the responsibility of the vendor; you are also equally responsible for the end product.

If the quality of the audio file isn’t acceptable, you cannot and should not expect the service provider to serve you with error-free transcribed file. Although background noise and disturbance is quite common in majority of audio files, yet there can be some messy audios, in which it is very difficult to detect what’s being said. Hence, if you want transcription for such an audio file, make sure you help the transcriber understand the basic message of the audio.

What If Quality Is Neglected?

As stated above, quality is regarded as the most pivotal factor for transcription. But, human nature says that one cannot understand the importance of something, unless he or she realizes what would happen in the absence of the same. So, if you clearly understand how lack of quality can be a curse to your business, you will instantly come to realize its importance.

Broadly speaking, not paying much attention towards quality can have the following bad effects –

• Blank spaces and errors: Not paying much attention towards quality results in blank spaces and lots of errors in the end product. This implies that some parts of the audio might not be transcribed at all.

• Meaning may get distorted: Obviously, if you ignore quality, the meaning may certainly get distorted. It may get even worse, if you take the help of machine transcription over human transcription. The former is simply programmed to conduct its task. Thus, it cannot understand the style and tone of the audio file.

• Additional unnecessary costs: This is the most obvious thing that will surely happen, if you do not pay optimum attention towards the ‘quality’ quotient. The moment you enter the market with a poorly transcribed output, you will incur unnecessary costs.

• It’s often a matter of life & death: You may not realize, but transcription is a matter of life and death in medical and legal sectors. In case, any important information is missed out or poorly transcribed, it can cost you like hell.

• Loss of reputation: If you do not weigh quality over quantity, irrespective of which industry you belong to, you will never be able to sustain a reputed position in the international market. The end users will not tolerate something that does not seem to be genuine.

In simple words, ‘quality is everything’. Simply to save few bucks, you cannot abandon quality from transcription. In the beginning, it may sound favorable, but in the long run, you will have to bear huge costs, in terms of business loss, reputation loss and money loss. So, mug it by your heart that quality is and should always be your priority.

3 Step Process to Ensure Quality

Now, when you have understood how badly your business can be affected by the lack of accuracy and quality, it is time to know about the quality process that delivers avant-garde results. Dictation, Recording, and Transcribing; these are the three major phases of transcription process. Any discrepancy in any of the phases can result in huge losses for the business owner. Hence, while you are looking for a service provider, do ensure that the vendor follows a streamlined procedure, as mentioned under –

• Receiving voice files: At the very first, voice files are downloaded or received via secured channel links or FTP. Once, the files are received, they are assigned to professional transcribers.

• Proof-reading: This is one of the most important phases, as it will keep an eye on any sort of like sounding words, wrongly spelt words, empty spaces, paragraphing and punctuation.

• Editing: At last, editing is done, which determines the quality of the output. The editor checks the transcript along the audio file simultaneously, and keeps on repeating the process until 100% accuracy is achieved.

These three steps combined together make up for highly accurate transcription services. So, before finalizing on the outsourcing partner, do enquire about the workflow followed.


At the very end, we would just like to say that choose your vendor wisely, and always keep high expectations regarding quality. If you’ll be very specific about the quality quotient you desire, the service provider will make every possible effort to reach that level, or else the vendor will simply provide you with a rough output. In addition to this fact, you should also note that the source audio file is qualitative enough to be transcribed properly.

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