Why Polishing Language Skills Is Good Career Risk Management

Risk – you might have heard of this word in almost every sphere of human life, including your professional life. It is said that a human faces varying degrees of risks in every phase and every moment of his/ her life; and when it is about your career, you are certainly at risk all the time. This implies that you cannot be actually sure when your employer starts feeling that your skills and talent are no more fruitful to the business growth. It may sound weird, but it is the real picture.

Why You Need To Have Polished Skills?

If we look at the translation industry, companies demand for highly talented translators, who could be a gem to them for generations to come. No matter, you are a native translator or have years of experience in this industry, the employers of today are search for ‘something extra’ in their employees. During the selection and interview process, the employers compare the candidates on the amount and quality of skills they possess. The one, with the higher number of skills and talent is selected. The same is expected from an existing employee.

Hence, to continue working in an organization, you must keep polishing your language skills, as they help you control any risks that may hinder your career path. Here’s what the stats say –

8 out of every 10 translation employers believe that they are likely to retain the translators, who keep adding and updating their knowledge.

70% of the translation companies prefer recruiting employees, who have a knack for learning, as it saves their time and recruitment cost.

Nearly 85% organizations believe that polishing and learning new skills provide endless growth opportunities to an employee.

Simple Techniques

So, to position yourself as a potential employee, who will never run out of his/her capabilities, you must start polishing and learning new language skills, right from today. As of now, you can try the following techniques to improve the same –

1. Find a New ‘Hot’ Language

With the growing globalization and business industry, most of the companies demand for translation into multiple languages, which you might not have specialization in. Hence, you must study about the ‘hot’ or ‘ruling’ language(s) that is high in demand on a global scale. Try to learn the language and gain expertise over that.

2. Travel to New Places

This is one of the easiest ways, using which you can be aware of different cultures, languages and dialects used by the people. To make sure that your translation is accurate and authentic, you must go beyond the theoretical knowledge; you need to get closer to the real world.

3. Revise Your Native/ Target Language

Language is a diverse field. Sometimes, you may feel that your native language is spoken differently by different people; same is the case with your target language. Hence, you must revise your knowledge on both of your native and target language and make sure that you do not lose your connection with the real world. This will help you stay updated with the advancements in language trends.

To put it simple, learning is the main driving force that will keep you growing in your career and is the perfect career risk management technique. So, get started with it and polish your skills right away…!!!

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