How TridIndia Offers Better Translation Quality at Fastest TAT ?

As a global enterprise, what do you expect from an Indian translation service provider? Is it the translation quality, the fastest turnaround time or something extra? Well, if you are asked to choose one amongst these, it is definitely not the ideal translation agency in India, for sure. Founded in the year 2002, TridIndia marked its way from being a mere beginner to one of the top 10 translation companies in India. This clearly indicates that the translation journey has been exemplary to a success graph that showcases consistent growth over the years.

At TridIndia, we do not ask you to choose one among the quality, tone, style, dialect, fastest turnaround time and others. We provide you everything in one single package. This implies that the translated assignment meets all the standards of quality, authenticity, context, meaning, timely delivery, grammar, language dialect, localization and others. In simple words, our team aims at providing timely and accurate translations that will help you communicate across different languages. We are one of the best translation agencies in Delhi that can really help you in translation of any number of languages and their dialects, with utmost precision.

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We are proud to confess that we have successfully delivered different types of translation assignments for all these clients and more. During a conversation with one of our clients, she told us that she was searching for the list of translation companies in India on the web and that was the point when she discovered us and after knowing about the company, she had complete trust on us that we would serve her translation needs with perfection.

Focus On Translation Quality

As a multitasking and multilingual translation company, we have always focused on the quality of translation delivered at the client’s end. To accomplish this, we follow a stringent quality procedure that mirrors or retains the essence of the original meaning in the target language file as well.

What Do We Do?

We assure the highest degree of quality and the fastest turnaround time, on account of a stringent quality procedure, which includes the following:

1. Editing and Review of Quality

The step is undertaken by the editor, who (if necessary) makes certain comments in the translated document and sends the same to the project coordinator. He or she then contacts the client for style guide and communicates the comments and guidelines to the assigned translator.

2. Reformatting Of Target File

Upon receiving the comments, the translator either rejects or accepts the comments. In case of disagreements, the matter is discussed with the translator, team and the editor. Often, the client is also involved in the discussion, wherever technical areas are involved.

3. Layout

This step is undertaken by the DTP experts, who work on the layout of the translated file, according to the client’s requirements.

4. Proofreading:

The next step is proofreading, wherein the translated file is proof-read for correctness.

5. Layout QC:

there can be some mechanical errors in the target file. So, in the layout QC step, we aim at removing at such errors.

6. Final QC:

This is the final quality check, wherein the review process is initiated again to assure that all the issues have been resolved. The project is then delivered to the client, after complete quality assurance.

Whatever type of translation package you choose, we assure to work on the project with the highest degree of quality and fastest turnaround.

Still Looking For a Translation Partner?

We believe that it would be clear by now that we can help you with any type of translation, for any industry in any number of language combinations. So, if you need a translation partner or vendor, we can certainly be a helping hand for the successful achievement of your business goals. This implies that we help with the first step of global business expansion, i.e. translation, which in turn will help you obtain the desired business objectives.

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