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Business development is majorly dependent on the economy of the country. As translation is continuously improving the economy of the world, more and more businesses are interested in language services, specially translation. But, amongst thousands of options in the market, is it so easy find and select the right translation provider or company? Let’s find out.

How To Select The Best Translation Company Or Provider In India?

Amidst 195 countries in the world, India is one of the top countries that is highly preferred for outsourcing a number of services and tasks. Language translation is the most prominent service that is outsourced in India by major international giants. Hence, if you are looking for high quality translation, India is the right place to get started with.

Here is how to spot the right translation firm –

1- Analyze Your Needs

First of all, it is very important to analyze your needs. Often translation agencies find that the clients themselves are very confused about what they are actually looking for. Hence, it becomes very difficult for the agencies to devise a fair price quote for the project. So, while you are looking for language translation agencies in India near you, make sure you have analyzed your needs thoroughly. Let the translation company what you want to achieve through translation.

2- Confirm The Quality Process

Quality is very important in translation as a single mistake can put your brand image at risk. Sometimes when the quality control is not proper, the translation ends up as either hilarious or offensive. In both situations, you are at loss. So, ask the vendor about the quality control process it follows. Make sure you understand every phase through which the file for translation passes. 

3- Check For Human Translation

Translation these days, is performed two ways, viz. by humans and through machines, like translation software. While machine translation is continuously improving the way it translates, human translators remain the ultimate quality translators, who provide high quality translation without any glitch. Learn everything about machine vs human translation and choose the right fit. If you value quality more than you do quantity, translation by humans is the perfect choice. Human-powered translations are more accurate than online/ automatic translation.

4- Confidentiality

This is a very serious and important concern for every business owner. Do not completely rely on any translation vendor, no matter how big a translation brand it is. Ask the vendor to sign an NDA stating that your personal information plus that contained in source and target files should not be disclosed to anyone. If you find that any vendor is not interested in signing the agreement, do not outsource the services to that specific company and switch to other feasible option. 

5- Language Pairs

If you decide to go for human translation, do check for the language pairs that the company  works in. There is no point in communicating with a company that does not provide translation in the source and target language you are looking for. So, be specific about the language specialization you need. Tell the vendor clearly that you are looking for English to Korean translation (for example) in the very first communication you have with the vendor. Also, make sure that the vendor delivers quality translation through native translators.

6- Industry specialization

Just like language pairs, confirming the industry specialization is also very important. Check the major industries for which the vendor specializes in translation. The translators assigned to your project must be native language translators plus specialized in translating for a specific industry that you are looking for.

7- Price Quote

Once the vendor has analyzed your project, ask for the price quote. Here, your budget will define how much you are willing to spend on translation project. But, make sure you do not select vendors who quote cheap rates for translation. Cheap rates do not penny in your pocket; they rather add additional costs that you do not realize. Read a case study on cheap translation price quotes and learn how they damage your business and your brand image.

8- Ask Their Core Business

Most of the translation vendors that you’ll find in the market will not have translation as their core business. They would be running several other businesses with translation as one of the branches. Although there is no problem in contacting such companies, yet if you get associated with a company whose parent business is translation, you’ll be at more profit. Such a company can assure you more quality input in translation than other agencies.

9- Customer Service

Customer service also plays an important role in identifying the right fit for your translation needs. Observe how the project managers or customer service executives are communicating with you; how better they are at resolving your queries; and how much prompt they are in responding to your queries. Every professional company will make sure that you are well served as a customer and that all your queries get a prompt and satisfactory answer. 

10- Turnaround Time

One of the most important facts of choosing a translation company is turnaround time. Ask the vendor about the time it would require to translate the files and share them with you. Do contact multiple vendors in the market. Compare their price quotes and expected turnaround time. The one which suits your preferences is the ideal match for you.

Hire Today

Keep these simple tips in mind and get started with hiring the right vendor for your varied translation requirements. At TridIndia, we are all focussed on providing you with high quality translation in any language for any industry within the fastest turnaround time. So, you need not to worry about anything. Just give us a call right away and enter the world of accurate human-powered translations.

To know more about our services call us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]


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