What is the Role of the Content Translation?

Does your industry need to reach out to consumers globally? Content translation is the key to approach potential customers from all across the world.

The digital age has converted the world into a global community, where people can get immediate access to information, regardless of the language they speak. However, the big industries that get benefit from content translation make their products known to broad audiences in different languages. Content translation makes communication and interactions possible between brands and people.

The translation industry is booming, helping businesses all across the globe communicate effectively. Over the last 10 years, the market has doubled in size, reaching 46.9 billion dollars in the year 2019. Below are some of the major roles that content translation plays.

The Role Of Content Translation

1. Overcomes Culture Barriers

To a successful market to a global audience, brands must adjust their marketing message and, in some situations, even their product name with professional content translation, to a new market.

Coca-cola for example is called “kekou kele” in China- which means “delicious happiness”. Their Chinese marketing strategy included handing out chopsticks and balloons to market the new item. Currently, China is the third-largest market for Coca-Cola, distributing more than 140 million sodas every day.

Successful global marketing strategy needs adjusting to local cultural forms and generating content and branding that makes locals feel as if the content was created especially for them- because it is!

2. Increases Sales

When it’s the matter of deciding where to invest money, consumers far more likely to invest money in brands that speak their native language. Over half of consumers said that the ability to find information in their language is more essential than cost.

In addition to language, preferences also differ by geographical location. The expert document translation is designed to identify these choices, then develop content that serves to these differences. For instance, Italian users tend to prefer a more casual online approach, so localizing content for Italy might involve changing the tone and adding humor.

Localized content is effective at boosting sales as it addresses not just language requirements, but also various marketing practices and preferences that appeal to diverse audiences.

3. Builds Brand Loyalty

Consumers are really loyal to the brands they trust and feel a connection with. By having the content translation, you are showing a new market that you understand who they are and what they actually need. It tells you how to expand your audience.

This translates to a higher level of brand loyalty, which makes customers less likely to churn. A lower churn rate leads to a decrease in marketing spend and an increase in the lifetime value of your customers.

4. Increases Brand Integrity

Brand integrity is how consumers perceive your brand based on your content, marketing techniques, and even product packaging. When it’s the matter of content translation, brand integrity increases through translation.

Once, in 1987, Braniff Airlines developed a campaign to highlight its leather airline seats. A problem arose when that campaign was translated and played on the airwaves in Mexico. The encouraged and potential users to fly “in leather”, which sounds almost like “naked” in Spanish.

The type of documents localization goes way beyond translation to look for hidden meanings or conflicts to help brands ignore faux pas and maintain brand integrity all-around global markets.

5. Reduces Customer Support Costs

When customers can conveniently locate the information they require in a format and language they understand, they are less likely to need the help of your support team.

For instance, if an Italian user can find a troubleshooting guide for your product in Italian, they may be able to solve their issues faster, which decreases frustration and prevents a call to your support team.


The translation is a changing industry, so the challenges are as varied as the translator’s growing experiences; every specialization has its own tricks and tips. Tridindia considers every sphere of your translation project and delivers the same day document translation by experts, keeping in mind its audience and demographic; trends and local customers; the tone of voice, and aesthetics.

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