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Do you know the total number of websites on the internet? It may be around 2 billion. The latest reports say that around 400 million (digit varies) websites are active. Can you say the essentials for the websites? The first thing that comes to our mind is CONTENT. Yes, content is the ultimate requirement for any website.

A small portion of content plays a major role in generating revenues. Whenever the content is translated from one language to another that is known as content translation. The greater work of 100% accuracy is expected when any content is translated, in terms of terminology as well as context. Whether it is a website translation or a document translation, the content must be 100% accurate and thoroughly localized to maintain its stance.

Every human translator is another author for the website or the document. Content creation is different from content translation. There are many types of translation that exist. In that, professional content translation is the one that applies the best practices when translating any kind of content whether online or offline. The foremost things of any professional translator are accuracy, quality, and other parameters. Accuracy can be measured easily by the native SMEs.


Let’s dig further and explore the role of content translation in any field.

Global Connection To Expand Your Audience:

To reach more audiences, you need to publish the content on your business website that accesses globally. To gain a global connection, you need the same website to be translated into many languages, to get more powerful than before. This, in turn, probably helps the content translators to expand the audience. If you are wondering about How to expand your audience from different parts of the world, getting your website content translated is one of the important and simplest ways. For example, we can take an example from Neil Patel’s official website, which explained how his website traffic boosted by 47% when he translated the website in 82 foreign languages. So, we won’t be wrong to say that content translation can help you reach a larger audience and ultimately meet your business goals.

Expanded Business and Sales Opportunities

Even though English is vastly spoken language in the business sector, but missing out on other languages means a huge gap from the potential customers. There are other most popular languages like German, Russian, Chinese, Arabian, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Polish, and Malay, that more companies want to translate the content into. However, many businesses are yet to understand that not translating content into a foreign language may cost them a fortune. You will be surprised to know that less than 0.75% of the population in China speaks English frequently, in which the stats are 5% and 5.2% in Brazil and Russia respectively. So, if a company is targeting these three huge markets, it first needs to translate the content into their native language, by a native human translator.

Accurate Treatment in Healthcare

Content translation also plays a huge role in the healthcare sector. The translation process in this field is known as medical translation. An only accurate translation can help to exchange the required information. For example, if an individual has traveled abroad for the treatment, it is necessary for him to take previous prescriptions and reports along. But what if the language used and spoken in origin country does not match the language of the foreign country? How the doctors would be able to prescribe the right treatment to the patient? Well, this is where translation comes into the role.

For the proper diagnosis and treatment, the translation must be highly competent, since it involves human lives. Even a single error in medical translation can stake human lives.

Different Types of Content Translations:

The translation, in simple words, refers to the translation of written piece of the content into many languages. There are various categories of translation exists. The main goal of these translations is to ensure the data with accuracy, irrespective of any type. Depending upon your field, you can go for different types of document translation.

Some of the different and most common types of document translations are:

☞ Technical Translation: These types of translations are based on the general technological facts and it also includes documentation like engineering practices, IT, electronics, mechanics, and other industrial texts.

☞ Scientific Translations: This involves scientific research and the main domain is science. Somehow the scientific articles, papers, booklets, and others are meant for the scientific translation process.

☞ Financial Translations: It of course deals with financial or any economic translations globally. These include accounts, annual reports, financial statements, contracts, agreements, and so on.

☞ Legal Translations: It deals with something related to legal reports, summons, warranties, and registration certificates and for other judicial purposes.

Apart from the above, there exist many content translations like certified, judicial and judiciary translations, and so on.

The Role of a Native Human Translator

As mentioned earlier, the role of any content translator is to maintain the 100% accuracy with more quality in it. A website without a translation is subject to lose traffic. Do you know the fact? China is the top one when it comes to internet usage. Yes, to attract those types of people from other countries or regions, so to attract the Chinese population, you would require a native translator who understands the language from the core, and can provide you with more localized content, keeping the content instance same. You can get more traffic to any website by seeking guidance from website and Document Translation Experts on the same day.

If you wish the context to be translated soon, hiring native human content translators gets your work done. You can also ensure their work through a direct check over the documents. In case of any corrections or alterations required, you can communicate with them easily. Communication will be effective when you approach the native translators. At the same time, SME’s can also be approved as quickly to ensure the accuracy and correctness of any documents.

Stand Out from the Rest

Now that the role of any content translators during translation on any services is more important. Generating the document with greater accuracy ensures the audience’s compatibility on any website and portals.

You can get all kinds of content translations at Tridindia, where we employ a big team of native translators to get your translation work done in the most efficient way with utmost accuracy. So, wait no more and reach us @ +91-8527599523 today.


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