Know The Importance of Medical Translation For Your Business

90% of businesses think translation is important for the exchange of words between different cultures and languages. Especially when it comes to an industry as important as healthcare, the need for high-skilled translators is even higher. Why you ask? Because it involves human lives!

Professionals and well-experienced practitioners of the medical industry know the importance of medical translation especially when doctors and other health care advisors don’t speak the same language as the patient. Sometimes, the consequences could be very serious. So knowing that why would anyone ignore the importance of medical translation? Not the “professionals”.

Let’s get deep into this and find out why medical translation is important.

The Importance Of Medical Translation

1. Impact On Human Life

Starting with perhaps the most obvious, and also the most chief reason of all: a bad medical translation can be life-taking. The significance of an error-free, high-quality translation in healthcare is enormous. Usually, within the world of translation, the smallest mistake can affect the entire meaning of the content. In the case of medical translations, those mistakes can have disastrous outcomes. Whether it concerns a patient’s records, research, commercial use, or flyers- the consequences need to be flawless in every single instance. Wrong details or omissions of such information as dosage, allergies, or medical history can have a catastrophic impact on human life, which alone should highlight the value of certified medical translation.

2. Less Opportunity For Mistakes

Not every language translates accurately into another language. It is really convenient to miss little things. And those little things can, later on, become big issues when it comes to delivering the right kind of healthcare for a patient.

When you utilize medical translation, the physician ends up with two different records he can use. He or she has a transcript of what was said in the patient’s language and another translated transcript.

This assists the medical practitioner to see if the questions they’re asking are genuinely being understood not only by the patient but the translator as well. The translation is the method that helps capture the intent and spirit of the doctor’s efforts to communicate.

Doctors and medical experts no longer need to think that they are not delivering the best care possible due to a language barrier. With the advantages of translation service, they can now feel certain that their message is not lost.

3. Regulations Requirement

The medical translation principles differ across the world; however, they are, more often not highly regulated. That not only includes translations for when stepping into a new foreign market but also when delivering care for foreign language minorities.

For example, any US company that is interested in entering the European market must be further aware of the EU laws. Those rules develop a need for professional medical translations, so that marketing materials, patient information sheets, and forms of clinical trials are up to standards and available in the local language of the target group.

There are different types of translation from which you can choose according to your business needs.

4. Terminology

Health care jargon is so large that it can often turn to be problematic, even to those highly invested in the field, and only doing so within one language domain. Any translator who is not specialized within medical translations simply is not aware of the terminology of the industry. The specific vocabulary of the medical field makes it important for medical and pharmaceutical companies to invest in professional linguists who focus on healthcare translations.

Furthermore, the fact that medical document translation is the strictly regulated arena within the translation industry only increases the need for a professional translation company that is fully certified for the task at hand.

5. Research

Healthcare translations extend beyond pharmaceutical content or patient records. For the majority of companies, the soul and heart of their development lie within the field of research. The globalization of science has never been so extensive as it is today. A detailed and high-quality medical report translation is also needed when dealing with the world of scientific medical research.

Failure in the accurate translation of a study can have harmful results on the examination’s outcomes, which in result leads to financial damages and lost opportunities.


Every year, millions of patients undergo medical treatment. For this reason, there is a need for multiple medical documents to be translated. Errors in medical translation could have serious consequences. So, get an effective as well as efficient medical translation from us. At Tridindia, we make sure you of professional service and accuracy in translations, created by the native speakers who are subject matter experts. We deliver you successful results in the given time.

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