What is The Role Of Simultaneous Interpretation?

Do you want to ensure proper understanding and effective communication at international meetings by breaking down language barriers? With simultaneous interpretation, it is very easy for a participant at events to follow and understand instantly what the speaker is saying.

About 80% of multinational conferences and meetings need simultaneous interpreting. It is the most common type of interpretation although it is a little difficult. There are no pauses in simultaneous interpretation. This type of interpretation is suited for large-scale situations and events where a pause in conversation is not advantageous.

Here we will discuss the role of simultaneous interpretation in global industries:

The Role Of Simultaneous Interpretation In Global Industries

Simultaneous Interpreters become the voice of the international meetings and hence, they are always mentally prepared for carrying on through interpreting technical material and lengthy meetings as well. Due to the intense nature of work, every interpreter generally works for about 20 to 30 minutes at a stretch and then takes a break of 10 minutes in between every meeting. If the quality of interpretation suffers due to the interpreter being tired, listeners bear the full brunt of this. It is usually a standard industry practice to hire at least two interpreters for simultaneous interpretation assignments.

An interesting thing to know is that simultaneous interpretation was first employed at the Nuremberg Trial after the end of World War II.

1. Medical Simultaneous Interpretation:

The express simultaneous interpretation help promote communication between hospital management and patients. It helps to translate patient’s journals and hospital information brochures into patient’s languages. A professional medical interpretation company has a strong knowledge of medical and conversational terms in both languages, as well as the cultural aspect relating to how the patient gets the information.

2. Legal Simultaneous Interpretation:

Demand for simultaneous interpretation is growing in the legal field. Interpreters are needed during court cases involving people who speak different languages. A good native international interpretation can make a huge difference in some cases.

In the US for example, around 350 languages other than English are spoken. Courts in the U.S. are needed to deliver simultaneous interpreters for people who speak a language other than English.

3. Business Simultaneous Interpretation:

Business simultaneous interpretation involves professional interpreters in different fields like economics, finance, marketing, etc. An interpreter will have sound knowledge of the respective markets and businesses and current events. Business interpretation is very important in financial markets. This involves the interpretation of documents like mutual funds reports, financial statements, regulatory statements and reports, etc. into the target language. There is also on demand interpreting booth for conference to reduce the scope of any disturbance.

4. Conference Simultaneous Interpretation:

Conference interpreters work in international fora like WTO, the World Bank, etc. where the participants come from all around the world. Sometimes, these interpreters are also utilized as mediators among international companies that operate in foreign countries. Furthermore, there are multiple benefits that you can get from conference simultaneous interpretation as they have deep knowledge of industries that can give you an advantage in many terms.

Conference interpretation often has the power to interpret from at least two passive languages to one active language, for instance, from French and Spanish into English.

Interpreters help cross-cultural communication among businesses by turning verbal or written language into the target language. Thus, interpreters play an important role in global business and every business needs to know what is interpretation.


With an increase in international events or meetings across the world and the growing prominence of making a point with your speech, the role of a simultaneous interpreter has come in the limelight more now than ever before. Furthermore, if you want professional simultaneous interpretation, then get in touch with Tridindia. Our in-country interpreters are not only professionals in specific language pairs but subject matter experts as well. We work with many language pairs, to make sure that you get the best simultaneous interpretation services you expect.

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