5 Magical Telugu Translation Tips for Success Hungry Translator

How would you rate the importance of success in your life, on a scale of 1 to 10? 8, 9 or even 10? Undoubtedly, a major chunk of individuals (here translators), would rank the success factor higher, as they know the increased importance of success in their industry. But, as a beginner translator, do you really feel that you are heading in the right direction, in order to gain success in your specific field? No matter that success might be the most important element for you. But, in the initial stage of your career, you certainly need to know few tips in translation a language, say Telugu language.

Here are some tips that Telugu translators must keep in mind, before translating the source text:

1. The Grammar Part

Telugu grammar is known as vyākaranam. It is very important on the part of a translator to understand the basics of grammar. This language is highly influenced by the Sanskrit language and the modern language consists a diglossia. So, the sentence formation, noun and verb placement, tense usage etc must be precisely known.

2. Writing Style

Being a translator, it is necessary on your part to understand that to deliver authentic Telugu translation services; one must be well-versed with writing style and system of the language. The Telugu script has 60 symbols, visarga, half-zero and full-zero for conveying different types of nasal sounds. Similarly, a number of other factors must be thoroughly gulped to conform to the script and writing style of the language.

3. Dialects

This is one of the most important factors that the translator must never ignore. If you’ll be versed in different dialects of the language, then it would add to your credibility. So, this will help you in your consistent growth in the translation industry.

4. Culture

The culture of Telugu speaking states or regions must be known to the translator, in order to translate like a native translator. The art, dance forms, festivals, clothing customs; everything must be known. This way, you can localize the translated text and connect to the target audience instantly.

5. Language + Industrial Knowledge

If you really have the hunger of success, then you must have the hold over the language plus any industrial sector that interests you. Simply having knowledge about the language will keep you as a mediocre. To be an expert in translation services in Telugu language, you must have apt knowledge about translation in legal, medical or any other sector that can help you reach to heights.

Start Practicing Now

Now is the ideal time to take your first tiny step towards success. Regular practice over these factors will make you a professional at this translation and slowly, you’ll start getting long-term translation assignments. Definitely, your success hunger would be fulfilled by following these tips.

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