5 Perilous Time Management Mistakes to Avoid Just Now

Time is money, but for some employees who do not understand the outcome of Time Management Mistakes; this proverb definitely has no worth at all. Many a times, it has been observed that in an effort to do everything, the employees often end up doing nothing. The major reason for this is poor management of time. Due to this, the employees neither focus on their current projects, nor do they succeed in hitting the deadlines. But where you are going wrong, is a major concern. A majority proportion of the employees usually do not realize what blunders, they are doing. Hence, to give you a clear idea, 5 major mistakes are mentioned below that employees generally commit in their daily work life:

1. No Aims, Targets and Goals

Having no aims, targets or goals set up for the day may not help you move towards the future that you desire. If you wish to perform exceptionally at your workplace and prove your worth, it is necessary that you have a planned schedule of the targets to achieve per day. To accomplish this, you can make a to-do list that will describe your daily work and the time allotted to each activity.

2. Failing to Prioritize Tasks

Failing to prioritize your work tasks means you might slip off some of the most important work from your radar, i.e. you might forget to complete the most prioritized task. Hence, while setting the daily targets or making a to-do list, make sure that you allocate the most important tasks at the top, i.e. the tasks must be arranged in the decreasing order of priority. By implementing this, you will surely witness a difference in your daily output.

3. Wrong Allocation of Time to Projects

It is one of the most common mistakes. Sometimes, you feel that a particular task would take just 5 minutes to complete. However, when you actually start working on it, it eats up your half an hour. Hence, the time allocated for other projects automatically gets affected. This destroys your whole time management plans. So, it is advisable to estimate the correct time and then start the time allocation for each project.

4. Inability to Manage Distractions

While working distractions may come from any direction or corner of the workplace. You might find the gossip going on in the near-by cabin, as very interesting or the pleasant weather outside might distract you. Basically the distraction can be anything. Hence, it is wise to work in a closed environment. Shut off all the unnecessary devices and applications, and try to stay away from your personal accounts in social networking sites.

5. Skipping Breaks

Whatever be the pressure of work, do not over exert your brain. Your brain is not a machine; it requires small breaks to refresh. So, continuously working and not taking any breaks, can affect your productivity. Manage your time in a way that offers you minimum 5 to 10 minutes relax time, so that the rest of the time you can work with full dedication.


While you are at your workplace, every single second is counted for judging your efficiency. Hence, it is necessary to manage every second, every minute of your time to provide considerable results to the organization as well as pave way for your future growth in the organization.

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