6 Quick Ways for Newbies to Memorize and Understand a Language

The biggest factor that haunts every newbie in the translation industry is to memorize and understand a language. Understanding a language for precise translation is very important, but is also involves a bit of memorizing. The problem arises when the learners get involved into too much of memorizing. This can help in the short run, but is worthless in the long run. You may memorize thousands of words, but you won’t ever be able to form logical sentences, apply grammar rules and understand slang and expressions. So, what should be done by the language learners to memorize a little, but also at the same time understand the language?

The ideal way to do so basically lies in 6 worthwhile ways:


1. Look for Patterns

Try to lookout for patterns, while learning vocabulary. For instance, the adjective ‘bleu’ is spelled as ‘bleue’ in French. Understanding this concept will let you apply the rule to every adjective. Hence, you will prevent yourself from mugging up each and every instance where you have to put an extra -e. so, it is better to look for such patterns.

2. Involve Actively With Your Senses

According to a report, a human brain retains 90% of those activities in which an individual participates actively. Hence, while learning a new language, engage your senses. Go beyond your textbooks and look for images, videos and audios. This will evoke interest as well as speed up your understanding power.

3. Use Tricks and Mnemonics

Using songs, acronyms, and other tricks are a spectacular way to memorize the placement of adjectives, pronouns etc. This can also help to form a precise sentence with a correct meaning. For e.g. acronym such as BAGS, might help in recognizing that adjectives for beauty, age, goodness, or size are placed before the noun.

4. Explain Concepts to Others

To check the level of your understanding of a language is to explain the concept to someone else. If you are unable to describe the grammar rules to your friends or family, then it might show that you have not clearly understood the rules and the basic concepts.

5. Remain Interested

A human mind understands only that specific thing that is interesting to the individual. Hence, while you are tired or distracted, do not try to learn the language, as it will only waste your time. Freshen up your mood and learn the language concepts with full interest.

6. Constant Review

It is very important to review what you have learned. This will help you track the stronger as well as weak points. Hence, review often. Set up a schedule in which one day would be for reviewing, what you have learned up till now.


If you are learning a language for your personal knowledge or to become a translator, then it is very important to understand the concepts for better implementation of the language. While memorizing, do not overdo it.

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