Why Translating into French Is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Mastering the art of French translation takes time. Hence, a translator must invest all his efforts in polishing his/her skills for a brighter future. But, when it comes to the translation into French language, it is not that easy for a translator to perform that. Those who are involved into French translation or aspire for this career must know that this translation actually requires great knowledge of the dialects. Thus, while translating business materials, one need to be highly alert regarding the specifics of the language.

What Actually Makes it Difficult

There are some of the facts that make the translation difficult:

● The language is very descriptive. So, a translator needs to have knowledge about that.
● The language is idiom-rich.
● The language is not monolithic and has a number of regional dialects.

The most important act is the last one, i.e. a huge base of regional dialects. It is due to the dialect variety that a translator may sometime feel confused or stuck in the translation. Understanding the dialect and maintaining tandem with it is a bit difficult. Hence, for accurate French translation services, the translator is expected to be a master of the dialect varieties.

French is spoken in various regions, like Paris, Canada and others. If you are targeting the audience in France, then you cannot approach them with the Canadian dialect and the same is true for the audience in Canada. To reach the correct audience with the correct dialect, make sure that you are thorough in the dialects and their differences.

Some of the dialects are given below.

Have a look:

The Dialects

Indian French

This dialect is spoken by the Indians, who belong the colonies of Chandannagar and Puducherry. This dialect in Yanam differs only in terms of accent and pronunciation from the standard version of the language. As a translator, the rules of French translation and the dialect variety is of prime importance.

Canadian French

French is widely spoken by a number of Canadians. Almost 7 million people in Canada speak French language. In Ontario and Manitoba, certain government services are also rendered in French. Further, there are more varieties of this language in Canada.

Lao French

You may find the francophone community even in the Laos. This language is used as a commercial and diplomatic language. This dialect differs in terms of vocabulary from other dialects in Asia.

Similarly, there are other dialects as well that requires the translator to be well versed in them. The varieties of the language are even further divided into sub varieties. Thus, whenever, you are translating business related documents, keep the dialect specifications in mind.

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