Why is Native Translation Necessary to Reach Global Customers ?

Native language translation has become an ardent need of entrepreneurs, in order to reach the global customers. In this age of globalization, it is very important to make sure that the sales of your product or services reach to the peak on a global level. Every entrepreneur of today looks to expand his business and the product sales globally. Thus, translation has come out as an ultimate solution that can help the business owners to make sure that their product/service is reached to the native audience in the target country.

Let’s look at some facts

Some business owners often feel that skipping the translation step can render no disadvantage to the product sales in the target niche. They assume that the customers would be aware of the language spoken by the companies. But actually this is not true.

♦  It has been researched and found out that professional language translation greatly influences a consumer’s buying behavior.

♦  The likelihood of a customer to make a purchase is (to some extent) dependent on the language content of the product/service.

♦  Customers actually do not buy a service or product if they are unable to understand what’s written over it or what facilities does it provide.

♦  If the information on the product is provided in the native language of the customer, then there are chances that the customers purchase the product, because of the trust build up through the language connect.

♦  Even the advertisements and television programs are translated into different languages, depending on the native language of the target customers.

This is actually not the condition of today; rather it is true since many years in the past. Since a long time, this condition applies on the business owners that in order to lure your non-native customers, you need to be presentable in the language that they (global customers) understand.

What Was the Condition 4 Years Back

Even 4 years back from now, the consumer behavior in terms of purchasing has been dependent on the language content. According to some global Punjabi translation services providers, business owners keep coming to them for translation, so that they could lure the customers of Punjab and other regions.

Talking about the condition 4 years back, here are some old statistics that will give you an idea that even few years back, people were actually looking at their native language content for purchasing or other stuff:

■  Almost 72.4% of the global customers agreed that they are more likely to purchase a service or product, if it bears the information in their mother language.

■  Nearly 72.1% of the global customers agreed that a major proportion of their time is generally spent in surfing websites that are in their mother language.

■  Almost 56.2% of the global customers agreed that obtaining product or service info in their mother tongue is more essential than the price factor.


If you are business owner and facing certain losses in the global market, then may be lack of translated content is the problem. Skipping the translation step can do no good to you. It will only waste your precious resources, including money and time. So, take the translation part seriously, as it would boost the product/service sales in the global market. Further, make sure that the translation you receive is qualitative and authentic.

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