We’re the Finest Platform to Boost Translation Career: TridIndia

TridIndia proclaims to be the finest platforms, using which translators can boost their translation career. All the language experts, including the translators, interpreters and the ones who are learning languages, have a huge scope of growth with the translation company.

The company says that they have served the translation domain since the past 15 years and they are moving one step ahead with contributing towards the growth of the budding translators and interpreters.

According to the project manager of the company, “We have been through many ups and downs in this long journey of 15 years. Thus, we are well aware of, what is a thumbs ‘up’ and what is a thumbs ‘down’ in the industry. Apart from the cut-throat competition in the market, one can sit at the top position, if he/she proves to be a victorious master in his language skills. Thus, we are initiating a unique way for language experts to boost their career in translation and interpretation.”

The company has basically launched a ‘Write for Us’ section that invites the content writers (having knowledge of translation/ languages), language learners, translators, interpreters, language teachers and other allied professionals or common masses to come and share their thoughts on translation at this platform.

Further, the company highlights some of the major benefits of sharing translation/ language knowledge with TridIndia –

a) Creating Awareness – Sharing one’s knowledge on language or translation can help create awareness among the common masses, and business industries, which are constantly looking forward to language resources.

b) Protecting Endangered Languages – Sharing your thoughts or knowledge regarding the ‘almost-extinct’ languages can be a great channel to protect those languages and help the upcoming generations learn about them. In simple words, it is a superb medium to preserve the culture.

c) Open Variegated Translation Career Opportunities – Translation has become so necessary these days that all global companies look for candidates, who can make business communication smoother for them. Hence, sharing your knowledge will make your voice reach big industrialists & who knows you get a job offer instantly?

d) Stronger Social Profiles – If you have a stronger social profile, you are certainly a famous person in your niche. Hence, one can use this platform to contribute your thoughts and share the same on your social networks. This way, you’ll be able to make a solid social profile.

e) Gain Knowledge and Experience – When you share your knowledge, you certainly gain some. Hence, this is a great chance for language students and language learners to share their knowledge and gain some knowledge from the experienced translators, who contribute their thoughts on a periodic basis.

f) Get into the List of Language Experts at TridIndia – This is one of the major benefits that one can get, in return of sharing knowledge. If the thoughts and information, appeals to the company, it may include the contributor as one of the professional translators in its team.

With this, it appears that the company is seriously into some good business. Not just, it’ll help the company grow, but also, the writers, translators or the language experts. The platform can be a great channel to success. It depends on the language experts, how they use it.

For more details, get in touch with us right away, call us at +91-8527599223 or mail us at [email protected]


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