How to Get on in the Translation Industry ?

There comes a time in any vocation when it’s time to think whether you want to keep on doing exactly what you have been doing all along or make a start on moving up in your field. What does that mean if you are in the translation industry? There’s one thing for sure it is quite competitive. Despite the fact that the amount of translation globally is going up, there are a lot of people moving into the industry for the first time. The best advice is that if you have been a translator for several years, now is the time to make a move or you will be overtaken by fresher faces who have picked up on emerging technologies and methods quicker than you. So, here are a few tips to how to get on in the translation industry in 2022.

1st Tip: Educate yourself

There is always plenty of professional development going on somewhere. It may take a bit of time searching for it and not every event is convenient but if you avoid going to professional development at your own translation agency or confine yourself to the odd event that crops up you are missing out. You can always become a better translator. It may be learning about software, business models, workflow or translation skills that you didn’t know about. But anything that gives you something which makes you a better translator will distinguish you from the rest of the pack and provide you with the opportunity to attract higher paying clients or more prestigious (and more remunerative) projects.

2nd Tip: Make an effort to look for new clients

Don’t just wait for new work to turn up. Actively look for it. Don’t bother with the largest companies, especially the multinationals. This might seem difficult at first but is worth pursuing. Look for the small businesses where you think that you language combo and skills are likely to appeal to and get in touch with them. Send a personalised email or link to your LinkedIn page and let them know what you can offer them.

3rd Tip: Set a bottom line rate

It can become too much of a habit to give a discount just in order to seal a client’s project. Do this too much and you are going backwards fast. You may end up spending far too much time making ends meet and not enough time improving your exposure to clients. Set a bottom line limit and make sure that would be clients know what this is. A clearly advertised rate means you don’t waste time negotiating at the last minute.

4th Tip: Look for the new clients that suddenly need a good translator

Getting in on the act is a way to form a business relationship with a new client. Don’t forget that the need for professional translation can come as a revelation to many people, especially businesses that are only now just thinking of the potential of international sales. If you can handle their requirements, then the trick is to beat the rest to their door step.

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