Best Website Localization Examples – Coca Cola, Amazon & McDonalds

The international biz world has witnessed a range of website localization examples, amongst which Coca Cola, Amazon & McDonalds are the top brands that succeeded in maintaining the cultural component and building their websites with a global appeal. Looking at the dire need of connecting with the audience, it can be said that localization is one of the most important concerns for every online business owner. At one end, where translation involves converting a text from one language to another, localization, on the other hand, makes sure that the translated text appeals to the target audience culturally.

You may need to implement changes in color scheme, images and content, in order to optimize your site for the target audience. This seems to be quite challenging. But, as mentioned above, there are some top multinational businesses which successfully implemented different localization strategies and appealed the customers all over the world –

I. Coca Cola

This brand has made several translation mistakes in the past. But, slowly it improved and came to be known as the world’s best brand that gains most of its sales (more than 80%) from outside the United States.

• In the US

In the US website, the company showcases hero image glass Coke bottles. Red coke is also present in the banner. But, it doesn’t seem to dominate the banner or the page.

• In Japan

The Japan site of the company consists of large and small slide show at the top and underneath position respectively. The color scheme used in the website consists mainly of blues and reds.

• In India

In the website of India, you will see that an image slideshow, showcasing marketing efforts like Coke Studio India and different local products, dominates the top of the page. Another thing that you may notice is that the page is quite colorful and the colors of Indian flag are used very precisely.

II. Amazon

Website localization and translation for ecommerce brands is a common trend and Amazon is a popular brand that sailed through it successfully. If you look at the main page of, you’ll find that it is perfectly localized for different markets.

• In the US

The American site uses lots of turquoise blue, gray, white and black, which defines its unique color scheme. The entire text is in the native language, i.e. English and the products are obviously targeted at Americans.

• In Japan

The layout used in the Amazon websites is the same for all of its websites. Looking at their website, it can be said that they have put in more efforts than simply translating the page. Different products are showcased. Also, the images are changed, in order to feature Japanese products and models. Talking about the color scheme, it has more white in it.

• In India

Although no local language options are available on the site, yet the localized site appeals the global audience. The color scheme is also changed on the Indian site. More of green, saffron, yellow, orange and red are used. To localize the site better, the Prime banner, which is in turquoise blue color in the US version, is actually presented in lime green color in the Indian version.

III. McDonalds

The fast food localization strategy of this brand is simply awesome. It is definitely a perfect example of global success among worldwide fast food brands.

• In the US

In the US website, you may find lots of usage of white and black color in a subdued scheme. The main page of the website seems to be dominated by a number of images of McFlurrys, shakes and soft drinks.

• In Japan

The color scheme used in the Japanese site includes more of bright colors – bright red, white and yellow. Underneath the slideshow of the main image, you’ll find smaller line of rectangles, consisting of text and images.

• In India

The layout of the Indian version is similar to that of the US version. Talking about the color scheme, red is the dominant color, with pinch of other colors, such as yellow, orange and green.


Looking at these examples, you might have understood that in order to appeal to the local tastes of the audience, these brands changed and modified their websites, keeping the target culture in mind. Depending on the culture, language, slangs, color preferences and other such details, multinational brands localize their website accordingly.

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