7 Top Marketing Campaigns That Failed To Translate Globally

Translation industry has become so competent that many Marketing Campaigns That Failed To Translate are still struggling. There are many reasons behind why companies fail and succeed in various instances of time. It is like the better you communicate with the target audience higher will be the profits

The best marketing strategy of the company includes mentioning the tiniest details that are carefully analyzed. The company should also prepare itself for the product launch in the broader markets. In the way of marketing Challenges are also confronted when a particular brand seeks expansion. During this tenure the company tries to adapt its message for international mass audience. Meeting the international levels is practically proved challenging task.

Many of the companies fail to bridge the communication and cultural gaps. Thus the brand image of the company gets destroyed.

‘One Size Fits All’ Markets Doesn’t Work

The latest example that can be exemplified is of Bharti Airtel campaign in Africa. The company carried business in 17 African countries. The brand wanted to create a strong impact through its innovative content. But the company failed to understand the cultural diversity of Africa. The entire concept of the campaign failed to resonate in different countries. The moral is a cut and paste campaign will never bring mass audience to your brand. You have to come up with an innovative idea.

Most Popular International Brands Faced Failure

1- Pampers- Selling children instead of Pampers

A well-known brand Pampers was not successful in Japan as the picture image used gave a message of stork distributing a baby. During the initial sales the proctors and gamblers faced a lot of problems to increase the number of sale. We can say that due to lack of knowledge the translation quality standards got affected and resulted in complete reputational damage.

2- Pepsi Brings A Dead Back To Life

The advertisement of Pepsi in the Chinese markets was launched as Pepsi brings a dead back to life. The entire phrase of Chinese translation carried the message that using Pepsi the ancestors can be brought back to life. This translation was an ideal blunder in the country where ancestors were worshipped and considered important.

3- Pepsodent-Eradicate the Yellow Color Not Black

When Pepsodent reached South East Asia where people chew betel nuts and the teeth turn black. The company advertised the concept as you will be wondering where the Yellow color eradicated. So the company did not give priority to the culture and displayed its own idea hence failing to become a brand.

4- Coors was suffering From Diarrhea

It was a well known bear that carried existence only in Western US. This brand was even nick named as Colorado Kool- Aid. The reason behind the brand’s failure is inappropriate slogan that could not create impact in America. But the product gained popularity in Mexico on the negative grounds as people predicted the meaning that any of the people who will drink cooler will suffer from diarrhea

5- American Motor launched The Killers

A car name Matador was launched in the markets the sales carried confidence as it created excitement to consumers. But when the car was brought up in Spanish Markets, a new fact came up illustrating the meaning of Matador to be Killer. Hence the company’s idea of advertisement failed.

6- Ford- Tiny Male Genitals

When Ford came up from Pinto to the Brazilian country zero sales were reported. The reason behind this was Pinto meant tiny male genitals in Brazil. So the company changed the name to Corcel that meant horse.

7- Brannif Airlines- Fly Naked

The Braniff airlines tried to make a never ending appeal to the target customers. As a result a campaign was introduced to evoke promotion in sales. But the blunder committed was Fly in leather was converted as Fly naked.

Thus we can conclude that while creating advertisements for international platforms. Culture and language of the country should never be ignored. A deep analysis should be made to understand the taste of the local audience. The better your brands communicate with people higher will be the sales marked.

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