How Fast Food Localization Strategy Has Brought Thunderstorm?

The fast foods have established themselves using Fast Food Localization Strategy. Best of the marketing techniques has brought a worldwide thunderstorm. The latest examples that can be counted is of Tco Bell that was inaugurated in Bangalore. It is the first ideal Indian outpost of this local chain. The statistics say 2500 people come to this food point on daily basis. The company’s employees elaborate the customers about the different food stuffs. This is a practically proven localization strategy to acquire large number of customers.

The Taco bell company created a colorful food plate including crunchy potatoes, tacos and extra spicy burritos with paneer stuffing and fresh Indian Cheese. The product localizations is something known as serving the taste of maximized mass audience. This is a wise strategy opted by renowned brands worldwide.

A famous face Mc Donald’s owns branches in more than 119 countries. The menu of this brand is already customized and re-created from time to time. Mc Donald’s keeps a keen view on what food people consume and the nature of spices they like.

The Pulp fiction tags Mc Donald’s quarter as Royal, the food pairings and choices provided are perfect for the food audience. Here we will elaborate the localization strategies opted by different countries.


The country is said to be tricky market for various food chains. Besides Mc donald’s , KFC is another highly popular food brand in India. Both veg and non veg food stuffs are served. The company also caters cobo of Vegg Thal, dal and rice mix with variety of vegetables. The Indian Subway Menu is another famous food brand that comes up with tuna and turkey sandwiches.


The country carries a leading American chain in the market. KFC is the leading food industry in China. Plenty of dishes with local tastes is offered at sustainable rates. One can order vegetables, chicken, bamboo shoots etc. The traditional breakfast menu includes congee rice, porridge, and sesame flatbread with pudding. Mc donalds n China offers classy sandwiches and other specific food items.


This country has offered novelty in the food items. But it has brought up a lot of food items. Mc Donaald’s serves Teriyaki burger, Seaweed shaker, Bacon Potato pie etc. A few years before Pizza hut experimented with new double roll and extra topping pizza that was quite successful. One half pizza carried bacon, sausages, tomatoes, onions and garlic while other half included patties, soyabean, corn and vegetables stuffing.

South Korea

The country carries a large variety in breakfast treats that includes Dunkin donuts, red beans and rice doughnuts. As an evening snack potato muffins, tofu ring. The drink section includes 12 grain latte prepared from barley and grains.

Hence we can say that the entire food industry has adopted its food localization according to the culture and taste of the mass audience. If the brand has to circulate its name it has to serve best of the food items that nourish the taste buds.

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