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Developing a community for Translation Services For NGO And Survey Companies, we ensure that the constituents of the proposed organizations understand the critical information provided to them. The ability to resolve some of the world’s colossal issues (such as education, hunger, nutrition and relief after natural disasters) often hinges on one flashpoint, i.e. Access to quality information. And when the person is unable to receive the information in the native language, he/she may not survive for long in the industry.

Here arises, the need for authentic and multilingual translation services.

Encountering the Need for Multilingual Translations

An entrepreneur must possess a comprehensive knowledge regarding the situations that prompt one to avail translation services. You might encounter the need for availing authentic translation services, at times when:

Money and time seems to be in short supply,

Your challenge to convey your message to the world is not fulfilled.

Benefits Borne To Multilingual Translations

Multilingual Translations help NGOs and various survey companies to expand their operations in a number of areas.

It helps in neutralizing language barriers, thereby disseminating your NGOs or Survey Company’s message worldwide.

Associating with effective translations, you gain access to expertise and skills that is the base for sharing information, ideas and experiences.

With pristine translations in multiple languages, you can reach to more people and broaden your constituency.

Trusting TridIndia

Serving the translation industry since the past 13 years, we have finally reaped the fruitful benefits of our intensive labor (in terms of market reputation and trust). We transformed and directed our efforts towards establishing a platform that allows rendering pristine translation services in all Indian and foreign languages. How to integrate the operations of NGO and survey companies is a considerable matter of fact, as translation is needed in each and every sphere or spectrum of professional life. Thus, TridIndia is accustomed and devoted to render qualitative and tailored translation services as per the specifications of both the organizations.

We offer prompt solutions to all the translation specific requirements. We have stated some of them below:

• Software Localization

Companies tend to localize their software to overcome cultural barriers for their services or products. Backed by a deft team of professionals, we effectively adapt the software to the cultural, linguistic and technical implications of the target market. Further, after localization, the software is translated into a variety of languages.

• Website Localization

Similar to the Software Localization, website localization also involves adapting the website to the technical, linguistic and cultural implications of the target segment/market. Working on numerous file formats, such as VB, Java, Delphi etc, our team ensures to deliver a thorough analyzed and reviewed translated website content.


TridIndia’s desktop publishing team can easily handle any language, in any format. Right from formatting the text to the final generation of the document, we provide such high quality translated assignments those epitomes with utter finesse.

• Interpreter

Whether you require translating the information concerning to NGOs or market surveys, you will encounter the need to hire an interpreter with specialized communication and language skills. As a renowned translation agency, we boast of a dexterous team of interpreters who are well-versed in simultaneously converting the thoughts in a source language into the target language.

• Digital Marketing

With an extensive expertise in translating and optimizing web content, we provide phenomenal digital marketing translation services as well as marketing research services. The ultimate aim to offer such services hinges at Improving the clients’ online brand exposure, Generating web leads and new sources of web traffic.

A Firm Hold On Varied Subject Matters

With a 100+ in-house team, we provide premium translation services across all possible language combinations. Our team holds expertise in delivering effective translation services for various:-

News and Feature Articles

Website Localization

Best Practice Guidelines

Marketing Collateral

Meeting Minutes

Informational Brochures

Press Releases

Operational Reports

Promotional Campaigns and so forth


Financial Reports

Passing On Value for Money

We aim to render maximum value for money to the non-governmental organizations and survey companies. To accomplish this, we undertake the following:

Discounted Rates:- We delve deeply into the work you do, as your cause is our cause. A comprehensive knowledge of your objectives enables our team to render accurate translation services. Also we offer huge discounts to Registered NGOs and survey companies.

Qualified Professionals:- A discounted rate does not mean lower quality. Specializing in Translating for NGOs and survey companies, our team endeavors to maintain high standards of the translation assignment.

Ready-To-Publish Work:- Backed by a professional DTP team, we deliver a finished product (translation project) in line with the target cultural and language implications.

Low Overhead Costs:- Since our overhead costs are lower, therefore we deliver authentic translation services with an aim to pass savings on to you.

Truly Global:- Our translation professionals live all over the world. Thus, our connections are truly global. With a comprehensive global network of translators, we render timely delivery of the translation assignments with zero lapses of error.

Let’s Get Started!!

In order to request a quote, you just need to

Mail all the relevant documents to us at [email protected], or

Share a precisely captured snap of the same, or

Simply give us a call

Our translation team will be pleased to assist and guide you!!

Propagating A Friendly, Familiar Voice

With an aim to offer pristine translation services to survey and non-profit organizations, we endeavor to transform the world into a better place where every individual is fostered to initiate an effective communication, regardless of his native language. Working with such hi-end organizations, we actually propagate a friendly, familiar voice that dispenses quality information all over the world.

For more details, get in touch with us right away, call us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]

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