6 Advanced Translator Resume Tips to Get Projects from Clients

Translation industry has become too competitive these days. Hence, knowing the translator resume tips is one of the most important things that a newbie or an experienced translator must be looking for. Basically, the resume tips for translators are great channels of helping the language masters to widen their reach globally and attract huge range of translation projects, as per your specialization area.

So, if you want to boost your translation career, you must first of all learn some tips or check out some resume samples for translators that can help your CV look great.

1. Resume Medium

The medium, through which your resume is being portrayed, plays a major role these days. Gone are the days, when paper resumes were used. The world is now digitalized. Hence, you must have focus on creating digital resumes and send them to prospective clients via email. You can either submit the resume on the HR page of the client’s website or simply post them on the job sites.

2. Creating Trust

Your resume should be such that creates trust in the eyes of the employer. All the information provided in the CV should be true and authentic in every manner. Also, it should be written and formatted in a professional manner that it creates a trust level with you.

3. Don’t Disclose Client’s Info

Disclosing your previous client’s information is a strict no-no. Often translators do that. But, it is ideally not a good idea to provide information about the previous clients. Yes, you can talk about the previous work, but not the details of the client. Some clients can get very angry with this and may blacklist you forever.

4. Language Twist

Apart from digitalization, the world is also going through globalization. Hence, sending the resumes in a single language will not work for you. If you are looking for a job in a company that speaks your native tongue, it is well and good. But, if the company has a different native language, you must think about resume translation.

5. Highlight Your ‘Pluses’

What plus points you have is the major concern for an employer. Hence, you must focus on describing all what you can do; how can you help the client improve his/her business communication; how fast you can deliver the assignment; how affordable you are, in comparison to others in the market; what quality you offer and so on.

6. Stop Talking ‘Only’ About Yourself

A perfect and attractive resume is the one that reflects a sense of car for the client. This implies that your resume must have some sections or points that show that you are seriously dedicated towards the client’s work and that you can solve any of the translation related problem easily. Hence, talk about yourself, but not too much that it irritates the client.

Keeping in mind, all of these tips, you can push your career towards eternal success. Clients out there are looking for professional experts, like you; but, are unable to find the right talent. So, modify your resume and connect with the right employer.

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