Why Hire a Translation Quality Control Team for a Global Brand

Quality assurance is the most important factor for every global brand these days. Hence, outsourcing translation quality control team becomes a must-perform task for the international organizations/ brands. It is a known fact that the global brands work with multiple translation companies, in order to translate their business communication (and others) into multiple languages and for multiple locales. But since, you are coordinating with so many service providers, don’t you feel that tracking and measuring the quality of translation, becomes a scary task?

Whatever translation you are getting from the service provider, how can you be so sure that the translation is authentic and that the translated content displays the true image of your brand? When it is about your company reputation, you should not be very lenient in the translation part.

Solution: Simply, hire or outsource a team that provides translation and language quality assurance for different types of translated content.

How Does It Help?

Hiring such a team will be very beneficial for your company, as it will make sure that the content released in the market is engaging, authentic, qualitative and is in sync with the source content (i.e. your brand message and others). Generally, such a team follows a stringent QA process and commit for high-quality translation output. The team will help you in checking –

● Any errors in the use of target language and translation.
● Identifying the errors and making necessary changes.
● Identifying the areas, where language error occurs and finding the reasons behind their occurrence.
● Checking for any errors across all languages.
● Reviewing the translated content and checking whether or not the text defines your message to the audience.

This way, a professional team of language experts will guide you throughout the quality control process and help you with analyzing, tracking and delivering premier grade translations that are authentic in all content types, across all of your company’s languages.

Who Can Outsource?

Any global organization, start-up, MNC, large scale companies and other entities/ brands that have complex and bulk translation requirements with huge focus on regulated content can (and must) outsource quality assurance services. If the translated content targets different countries and regions and you are dealing with varying content types, vendors or languages, you would get mad just thinking about it.

Thus, you must think of passing on your burden to a dexterous team and make sure that translation quality across languages is just-perfect.

Consistency in Global Content

Always remember that a global content must be very qualitative and consistent across all languages and for all locales. Hiring a language QA team will make sure that the translated content is consistent in quality and mirrors the exact message of your brand to the target masses. Also, it will segregate the tasks and keep you aware of the quality of translated content being used to attract the audience.

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