TridIndia Goes Multi-Tasking With Multilingual Translation

Multi-tasking is the golden word for this modern business world. If you have the potential to perform a number of tasks simultaneously, then you are certainly the ‘HERO’ of this pandemic, competitive global market. But, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. The firm that is borne with all the multi-tasking expertise, experience and talent, only that firm turns out to be a silver lining in the dark clouds of the business market.

Hence, aligning with the modern business rules and expertise, TridIndia has emerged as one of those shining firms that are potential enough to perform multiple tasks simultaneously with zero lapses of error.

Although, we started off as a multilingual translation company, yet we decided to enter into the big picture and serve even more services to the global customers. This enthusiasm and firm determination made us to diversify and render multiple services, apart from language translation.

Thankfully, with a veteran team and unmatched proficiency, we stand at a respectable position (in all the domains) in the international market, today.

Henceforth, till date we have served uncountable number of Indian and foreign companies for their varied requirements, such as the following:

1. Multilingual Translation

As already mentioned, translation is our core expertise. Thus, since years, we are translating ‘n’ number of languages in varied language combinations. The quality of our multilingual translation is so unequalled that, we are rated as authentic by ISO and CRISIL. Further, we are blessed with a dedicated and experienced team of translators, who excel at translating different types of documents for various industries.

• Urgent Translation

It won’t be wrong, if we call this as the shining star of our translation services. It may sometime happen that you require a translated version of your document immediately. Thus, in such a situation, we help you with urgent translation services that aim at delivering authentic translation within 24 to 48 hours. You can be rest assured that the quality would not be compromised from our end.

2. Desktop Publishing

We receive a number of documents (for translation) that requires to be correctly formatted. Many a times, it happens that the font and layout of the original text (mostly technical documents) gets alter after translating in the desired language. Due to this, an entrepreneur is urged to spend few more bucks to get that proper format. But, it is certainly not the case with TridIndia’s clients, as with a deft in-house team of DTP experts, we translate and then modify the graphics and layout (as per client’s specifications) of the translated text under one roof.

3. Human Resource

With a vision to establish a distinguished image in the market, we diversified our operations into human resource agency. Human resource solutions are basically our conglomerate solutions that we offer to our global clients. Whether it is on contract basis or permanent basis, we render effective HR solutions to our deemed clients. Further, we also have the provision for recruiting candidates as per varied industries, such as publishing, aviation, real estate and so on.

• Translators/Interpreters

One of the major highlights that set us apart from the rest of the HR consultancies is that we offer precise solutions to the language needs of various companies. Since, we are a translation firm, therefore we boast of a wide network of experienced translators and interpreters. This makes it possible for us to recruit translators and interpreters within a short span of time.

4. Content Writing

One of our major talents that is centered at assisting the companies, is content writing. In today’s world, no individual can ignore the importance of content, as it is the biggest source to reach out to a wider online population. Hence, our expert team of content writers portrays a commendable content that strikes the emotional chord of the target audience. This in turn, helps our client to establish trust with his targeted segment.

5. Market Research

Now, comes the intensive field work. With this we assure that, not only we are potential enough to complete the varied tasks within a closed working space, but also competent to work in the field that requires immense research and knowledge. We work with an adept team of professionals or market research consultants who work in the field and research the market on stuffs provided by the client. Whether it is for judging the demographics, likes/dislikes of the target segment, analyzing the scope of new product launch or any other concern, our team ensures to undertake, a thorough research of the market.

6. Company Registration

The legal procedures and formalities differ from one country to another. Therefore, as an India based firm, we help the companies (desiring to establish in India) to get their firm registered legally. Our professionals assist the clients throughout the registration process and make sure that every step is moving smoothly.

7. Machine Installation

Besides company registration, we help in installing a machine in your company’s premises. To maintain tandem with the changing technologies, you may often require importing an avant-garde technology machinery. However, you might be unaware of its installation process and maneuvering skills. So, our team would help you in getting the machinery installed properly. Further, for proper utilization of the machine, we would also translate the operating or safety manuals in your native language. If required, we would also send interpreters/translators to help you coordinate with the foreign business delegate.

8. Travel and Accommodation Arrangements

With a view to serve the customers in various spectrums, we also organize travel and accommodation related facilities in India. No matter, you are travelling to India for a business or family tour, we would arrange all the facilities for hotel room booking or cab booking within a nick of time.

9. Medical Tourism

Medical treatment in India is quite reasonable as well as unmatched in comparison to various other countries. Therefore, a number of patients travel to India for getting the best treatment for their disease. As already mentioned that we arrange travel and accommodation facilities, we also arrange the travel facilities for those traveling to India for their treatment. Further, we arrange translators and interpreters for them to better understand the Indian language and get their medical documents translated. This helps the doctors to understand the medical history of the patient and start the treatment accordingly.

10. Search Engine Optimization

For an online firm, it is very essential to assure that its website ranks among the top search results across all the search engines. Hence, associated with a dexterous team of SEO experts, we help to boost the online presence of the client’s organization as well as drive organic traffic to his website.

Such is the huge spectrum and network of our services that we offer to our worldwide clients. Moreover, we offer all of our services to varied industries, including:

 Oil and gas  Real estate
 Energy  IT
 Hospitality  Banking and finance
 Media  Medical
 Travel and tourism  Digital marketing

And other multiple industries…!!

TridIndia’s Survey

As per a survey, conducted by our team of market researchers, we found that most of the companies do not really understand the practical usage of some of the services (above) in their business operations. Such companies resort to their traditional methods and unconsciously resist for a change. Therefore, we have listed some of the industries (as an example) to describe the potential reasons that may foster them to get hold of such services in the modern world:

A) Pharmaceutical Industry

As a company in the pharmaceutical industry, you may require the following assistance that we can surely help in:
● Experienced human resources (doctors, nurses, compounders etc) to treat the patients effectively
● Translation for translating the medical history, training materials, clinical protocols etc and also while medical surgeries
● Machine installation for installing latest machinery for treating and analyzing the critical condition of the patients

B) Software/IT Industry

If you deal into creating new software, then our services might help you in the following ways:

● Translating and localizing the software in multiple languages
● Recruiting software engineers with immense talent
● Boost the ranking of your website by our SEO services
● Initiate a market research to analyze the expectations of target audience so that you could plan out your future plan of actions

C) Legal Industry

Within this industry, you might require our assistance for the following services:

● Recruitment of legal experts (with precise knowledge of law) for varied departments of your company
● Multilingual translation of contracts, litigation documents, wills, articles of incorporation and various other legal documents
● Arrange from travel and accommodation facilities all over India
● Provide interpreters and translators while attending any business meeting with foreign delegates

D) Oil and Gas Industry

The entrepreneurs might find our services useful in the following ways:

● Precise company registration (if establishing the company in India)
● Recruiting candidates with experience in this sector
● Installing technology savvy machinery
● Providing the facility of translators and interpreters while dealing with the foreign clients
● Escalating the online presence of your firm

Similarly, we serve different requirements of different industries via our pristine services. This proves that we are definitely a one-stop solution for all your business needs.

So, to get in touch with any of our authentic services and achieve excellent output, you just need to:

In case you have any translation requirement, then you can simply:
  • Mail your documents to us with clearly specifying the target language as well as the time limit
  • After receiving your mail, we will send you a quote and then within the proposed time frame, the translated documents would be delivered to your end

In a nutshell, we can conclude that multi-tasking has become an inherent talent of our organization. Thus, if you associate with us, you surely have an added advantage. Inspite of investing into different activities from different companies, you can get all the services combined, here at TridIndia. This will in turn, help you in reducing the cost involved in coordinating with different service providers.

For more details, get in touch with us right away, call us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]


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