5 Interesting Turkish Translation Facts That You Do Not Know

Every language in the world is so rich and so diverse that knowing about their multitude of facts becomes interesting automatically. One such language is the Turkish language. This language also has a number of facts that are quite interesting and not known to a major proportion of people. Specially, if one is a translator, then he/she must definitely have complete info about the translation and the language facts.

So, if you are a Turkish translator, then the following facts might surely fascinate you:

1. The Alphabet ‘I’

In the Turkish language, there are 4 types of letter ‘I’. Actually, the letter I has dotted and dotless versions in Turkish language. Thus, being a translator in a professional Turkish Translation Company, you must keep track of this and while translating into Turkish language; specific attention must be given to the letter ‘I’.

2. Localization

Whether it is the translation for a website, software or any type of document; localization is very very important. You must know that for localization, standard Turkish formats must be used, fonts should be given maximum attention, inoffensive colors must be used for website translation and so on.

3. Popularity

Turkish is greatly spoken in various nations, other than turkey, like Northern Cyprus, Albania, Iraq, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. Not just this, the immigrants in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Belgium are also known to speak the Turkish language.

4. Turkish Relation

This language relates to the Oghuz group of languages that consists of languages like Turkmen, Gagauz, Azerbaijani and Qashqai. They can also be referred as ‘cousin’ languages.

5. Latin Alphabet

Turkish is written using the Latin alphabet. However, earlier Arabic script was used. Thus, for authentic translation services in Turkish, a translator must have precise knowledge about the Latin alphabet. Further, you must also know the Arabic script for an added advantage. A little extra knowledge is always beneficial to bet the competition.


As a translator, it is always essential that you know certain facts about the source and target language. Certain facts might not seem important to you. But, in reality, they may be beneficial for your career in the long run. Last but not the least; you must also keep track of certain questions to ask from client, in order to deliver the outcome as peer his requirements.

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