4 Simple Questions That Tamil Translators Must Ask To Clients

Every client demands for something different from a translator. Every job is different. Some clients are very understanding, but some are very not that understanding. Thus, for the translation job, every client can have a number of demands. Few clients do not have the habit of clearing every possible aspect of his demands clearly. In such a case, it is the responsibility of a translator to make sure that he asks few questions from his client, so that he understands everything. It is better to ask, than commit mistakes. Let’s just take an example of Tamil translators.

Here are few questions that every Tamil translator must ask to his client:

1. Target Audience

Enquire about the target audience. First and foremost, it is important to ask the client about the target audience. Without having proper knowledge about the target audience, you cannot render quality translation. If you will not be able to understand about the target audience, how will you deliver the correct message? So, make sure you ask this.

2. Dialect or Language Variant

The dialects in Tamil language differ from each other on the basis of different phonological changes. Tamil spoken in Palakkad is greatly influenced by Malayalam’s syntax. Tamil spoken in Kanyakumari has unique words. Thus, as per a professional Tamil translation company, a Tamil translator must be versed with different varieties of thee language. Also, he must be aware about the spoken and written varieties.

3. File Format

Another important question that you might ask is about the file format. Although, many a times, translators know about it, but, still confirming it once from the client is a much better option. So, make sure to ask about the format in which output is to be generated.

4. Localization Issues

Last, but not the least, you must ask your client regarding the localization issues. For proper localization, you must have clear idea about the target audience, their demographics, their culture etc. but, it is generally advisable that in order to render professional translation services in Tamil, you must sit with your client and discuss what he expects about the localization. He must have some idea about promoting his product in the local market. So, you must clear everything on that.


To deliver quality output at client’s end, make sure that your hold on Tamil language is unmatched and you ask these questions for sure. If you have other questions in mind, ask them also. Do not leave any question unanswered. It is always better to eliminate any kind of confusion.

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