10 Twitter Accounts: Is the New Destination for Language Lovers

Twitter is fun, especially if you like the trolls. The moment a celebrity puts his foot in mouth, the members of the Twitterati leave no stone unturned and what you get is your daily those of entertainment. However, the social medial platform can also be quite educative, especially for those who love languages. There are several accounts one can follow to learn more; while some share the trivia like what all words are in vogue these days or words that are banned now, others entertain you with their cheeky word-related humor.

If obscure word definitions are your thing, this is one of the Twitter accounts that you must follow. They often take up words related to the current events and can therefore help you keep abreast of the latest words in use. For them, words mean serious business, even if they are uttered by politicians. Also, if you want effective translation help then you can go for professionals.

The Oxford English Dictionary

Often find yourself losing to others while playing Scrabble and Crossword? You need to improve your vocabulary, and this account is going to help you do just that. You’ll learn a new word every day, getting prepared for a better conversation or a leveled playing field. Do not miss out the “word of the day”.

Rosetta Stone

Who says learning can’t be fun? This one shares some really intriguing facts. Did you know that while you are in Italy and wish to order some local gelato in Italian, one of the sexiest accents in the world, what’s the first thing you need to ask for? You can start by asking for a “coppa” or “cono”, interesting, right? Also, if you don’t know anything about the language then use experienced translator help but don’t do very wrong translation.

About World Languages

Are you a global citizen? How much do you know about any other language, apart from English? Did you know that Danish nouns have two grammatical genders? For more such fun-filled facts, you must follow this account. It will not only make you culturally aware, but also increase your knowledge, and you may be able to create content that sells among global buyers – two birds with one stone.

Language Log

The brainchild of Mark Liberman and Geoffrey Pullum, Language Log is a blog, one that you can refer to you have an avid interest in languages and linguistics. They have been on Twitter since 2009 and have gained widespread popularity ever since.

Haggard Hawks

This one follows a tongue-in-cheek approach while explaining obscure words and is often frequented by those who don’t just mug up words but are always on the lookout for cool facts. Words and phrases like forplaint, neronize and Paul Pryism, which you’ll hardly see on other platforms, are a common feature here.


If you are interested in knowing what all words other people are looking up, this is one of the best Twitter accounts for you to follow. It also takes a dig at other users. For instance, once a user complained how “chill” “Merriam-Webster” was for a dictionary, and the twitter account trolled him with “no one cares how you feel”, now that’s savage.

Furthermore, if you are interested in reading unknown facts then you must read top translation facts.

Nova Languages

Username: @novalanguages

This one’s for those who have an unusual affinity for languages. Look out for interesting stories, like the one they recently covered, about a Kansas professor who has been really helpful in keeping Kiowa, an endangered language alive, or the one where they talked of how Italians influenced a South American dialect. Their intriguing and well-curated feed will leave you asking for more.

Language Bandit

Did you know that vocal and sign languages both have accents? While accents refer to the ways of speaking in vocal languages, in sign languages they assume an entirely different meaning and denote the ways of signing. Were you aware that George Bernard Shaw put a provision in his will to fund the creation of the Shavian Alphabet? For more such interesting facts, follow this twitter handle right away! Also if you want to translate something from the account then you can always go for experienced language translator.

Indigenous Tweets

If indigenous and minority languages intrigue you, this twitter account will become your favorite in no time. Did you know that Conservative MPP Ross Romano (Ontario) has hired a private instructor to learn Anishinaabemowin? Now you do. Also, when China banned Uyghur in Xinjiang schools, many people came to know of the development through their tweet.
Of course, the list is just indicative and there are many other accounts that will make you fall in love with languages even more.

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