What ‘Extra Services’ To Expect From Good Translation Company

Can you define a good translation company? Is it the one which provides language services, limited to translation? Or is it the one which offers additional or extra language solutions? Obviously, the latter is preferable. A major trait of a reputed global translation company is that it offers a range of language-related services, apart from translation. This way, you get the entire language solutions right under one head. You need not to search for different companies for very different task.

So, if you wish to hire the right translation company, make sure it offers the following additional services –

1. Interpretation

Interpretation is the ideal way to facilitate communication orally. It involves an interpreter, who orally translates a specific thought uttered by one party to another party in its native language. For example, you are planning to expand globally and you have decided to organize a face to meeting with your foreign client. Now, the problem is the language gap. Your client doesn’t understand your native language and vice-versa. How will the business communication take place, in this case? In this case, you will hire an interpreter, who will communicate your statement to your client and vice versa. Read more about interpretation.

2. Localization

This is often misunderstood with translation. So, it is important to understand that localization is an entirely different concept than translation. It goes hand in hand with translation and is the easiest way to get in touch with your target non-native audience. Suppose, you hire translators to translate your marketing material in the target language; after the translation, you use the translated content for advertisements and promotion of your brand in the target market. Now, you observe that apart from being very creative and well translated, the content doesn’t seem to be driving any results. You may not know, but the actual reason behind this is lack of cultural adaptation. You can reach to your audience and gain huge revenues, if you opt for authentic localization. Read more about localization.

3. Multilingual Content

A translation company may also write multilingual content for you. If you are into internet marketing or wish to expand your business reach, you cannot neglect the power of content writing. A content is a major channel through which you can directly enter into your customer’s mind and persuade him or her to buy your products/ services. Further, for a non-native market, you need to make sure that the content is written in the target language. Thus, you must go for multilingual content writing, in order to get the content written in the language of the target customers. The same content can be translated further in additional languages, to make it reusable in other markets. Read more about multilingual content writing.

4. Transcription

Transcription involves converting an audio into text. Generally, such services are demanded in the healthcare industry, where the comments of a surgeon or any learned person speaking in a conference, needs to be transcribed in text format. Other industries can also use the service, whenever it feels the need of keeping records of important information discussed in meetings, conferences, client phone calls and others. It will not just help in keeping the tangible records, but will also help you remember all the major topics covered in a verbal discussion. Read more about transcription.

5. Audio Visual Services

As the name suggests, audio visual services include the services which involve the use of audios and videos, like subtitling, dubbing, lip sync and voice-over. All of these are language services, which covert audios and videos into different languages, according to the target audience. One of the best examples of this is movies. You often watch movies, which are originally made in another language, but, are dubbed in your native language to capture the audience speaking your native tongue. The Bollywood movie Bahubali is one of the examples of movies, which are dubbed in different languages. Read more about audio visual services.

6. Multilingual DTP

A translated text needs to be in a perfect layout, as is required in the target language. Thus, DTP or desktop publishing holds great importance, especially if you are dealing with different foreign languages. Whether you are looking for small scale or large scale distribution, your publication documents must be in a perfect layout. These services generally involve formatting the text, handling the fonts and screenshots, slide creation, layout designing, graphic edition and so on. All of such tasks are handled by multilingual DTP experts, so that the client is provided with authentic and high quality results. Read more multilingual DTP services.

7. Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing is another additional service that you can expect or ask from translation service provider. A right translation company will not only proofread, but also edit the translation project rendered from your end. Generally, translation and proofreading go one after the other. So, if you hire a translation company for translating a text, it may proofread the same. But, as we are talking about the additional services here, an ideal translation agency would also offer proofreading for the already-translated text. Read more about proofreading and editing.

Ready for the ‘Extra’ Thing?

Hiring a translation company doesn’t only mean that it would help you with only the translation services. A company in the translation domain is said to be the best translation company, if it fulfills the entire language needs of a client. No matter, what service you are looking for (related to language), an ideal company, like TridIndia will always provide you the same. So, do not look for different language services from different vendors; search for the one that can help you with language related solutions.

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