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Starting something new always comes with mistakes. However, not all mistakes happen knowingly. And it usually happens while doing dubbing.

Dubbing and seamlessly replacing the original audio with a new speaker’s voice can be an arduous task, increasing the need for professional dubbing artists. Some mistakes can restrict you from getting credible dubbing, which you have expected. But the best part is, that these can be avoided. Below we will know what bad dubbing is and what makes a bad dubbing.

Understand Bad Dubbing

Bad dubbing is usually referred to as the voice that is off on the pitch, tone, and everything else in the audio. This especially happens with the newbies when they have no training or guidance from someone professional.

After listening to the audio, you can instantly point out that the dubbing is done by an untrained artist. They would be unable to use techniques correctly because of their less knowledge about direction. These newbies need a successful dubbing company in New Delhi that can guide them well on how to handle their energy levels and slow down the read.

Inflection is the most important thing in dubbing. A dubbing actor’s tone should match the dialogues and expression of the character for whom they are dubbing.

Things That Lead To Bad Dubbing

1. No Compatibility

You need to choose the right dubbing artist if you wish for appropriate and realistic dubbing. Age, gender, accent, and tone should be considered when choosing a voice that fits the motive and tone of the video. Basically, compatibility is very important. It needs to be there, especially when dubbing is done in multiple languages.

To make it clear, if you are generating a video for a Spanish audience, it would be good if you take reliable dubbing help from a dubbing artist who is a native speaker of that specific language.

People might think the accent is not essential to consider but what they don’t know is that if it goes wrong, audience engagement can be affected.


Consistency is the key to perfect dubbing. When a dubbing artist is dealing with a long script that requires days to record, he/she should know where they left off every time. Some lines might be long and technical, but you need to ensure that the listeners feel that it is recorded in one take.

Even if the dubbing artist is called a few months later, they should be able to match the tone as the previously recorded one.

3. Poor Demo

The demo is like a resume in the dubbing field. The majority of the time, you might record a demo but never update it. That’s where you go wrong. This leads to an inappropriate demo. You can show most of your skills there. This will showcase your capability perfectly.

Also, you need to make sure that you are meeting all the bases in your demo.

4. Bad Video Editing

A dubbing that is done badly come in different forms. Sometimes the audio will be too loud and sometimes it will be too low as per the video requirement. It may also happen that the audio gets clashed with the original one. A dubbing should be added perfectly to a video. It should be neat and clear. And all these things can only be ensured by a reputed local dubbing company near you.

The video editing should be done in such a manner that it can make the audience believe as if they are listening to the original audio.

5. Over-Acting To Hide The Weaknesses In Your Voice

Bad dubbing can make your work a bit cringe. Overdoing dubbing will make it obvious that the voice is coming from somewhere else. Listening to a bad dubbing for the audience is hard because there would be an apparent disconnect between the content and its delivery.

Do too little, and the audience will not connect to your emotion and story-line. Doing a lot can also make your voice sound too robotic for anyone to take you seriously.

Lastly, you should not rely on editing for effective audio dubbing. It is essential that you upscale the quality and engagement level of a video so that you can connect well with the audience. Use preventions to avoid every possible dubbing mistake and stand out from the crowd.


Doing dubbing needs a lot of factors to keep in mind. The dubbing team holds many individuals like the director, the actor, the script, and the recording equipment. If any of them lacks on something, you are on the road to bad dubbing. But this can be straightly avoided by hiring a professional dubbing artist from Tridindia.

The immense experience and knowledge of our dubbing artists will assure to satisfy all your dubbing needs that too at a competitive price. To talk to us, call at +91-8527599201 or send us an instant quote now.

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