What Is a Typical Day At Work In The Life Of An Interpreter?

Do you know what is a typical day in the life of an interpreter? Professional interpreters really live a very tough life. The very fact that their job is very demanding – discipline, experience, hard work and skills – makes the work life of an interpreter extremely hectic.

Just like a common individual, they deal with emotional situations, while simultaneously thinking and converting speeches in different languages. Hence, their typical day at work cannot be explained in words.

However, we tried talking to one of our esteemed English to Chinese interpreters to help you understand what it is like to be an interpreter. Here are some questions that were used to interview him.


How It Feels & What Is It Like To Be An Interpreter?

It really feels amazing; everyone who is related to the interpretation industry will clearly relate to the fact that although it is very difficult to become an interpreter, yet it is very adventurous and fun at the same time. I have never felt as if I am doing a job. My company sends me to different locations for different events. So, it is more like an expedition for me. I travel to new places, meet new people and help them exchange thoughts.

What Is a Typical Day Of An Interpreter?

This is tough question as there is no specific work routine of any interpreter. If one day, he is busy in some assignment, the other day he might be chilling out at home with friends. So, no two days are same for me or for any other interpreter in this world. However, to give you a brief idea on my work routine, here is what you need to know –

a) Before a Meeting Or a Conference

If I have a scheduled assignment for a business meeting or conference, I generally do the following –

Prepare for the meetings.
Research about the topics to be discussed in the meeting.
Make sure that I am aware of the terminologies in my working languages.

b) One Day Before The Meeting Or Conference

When it is just one before the conference or meeting, my so-called work-day begins the evening before the D-day.

Prepare everything related to the meeting, like collect all the documents necessary for interpretation, shave for a clean and professional look, iron my clothes and set up the alarm for the next morning.

c) On The Day Of Meeting Or Conference

Next morning when I wake up, I take the shower, have my breakfast and leave for the interpretation venue, if it is time for the event to be started. In case, the English to Chinese interpretation session is about to begin in the afternoon or some time later, I usually enjoy the location, have fun with my fellow interpreters and discuss about the project.

Upon reaching the interpretation venue, I usually greet my clients, technician and locate the booths.

I check the equipment thoroughly so that there is no disturbance or glitch in the middle of interpreting.

The interpretation finally begins with the exchange of thoughts.

In lengthy meetings, we usually have lunch time, where I love to connect with interpreters from other language backgrounds. I also make it a point to clear my doubts arising from the meeting, if any.

During lunch, I make sure to take a walk so that my brain is at ease and helps me focus better.

After lunch, it is time to be back at work and continue the interpreting session. When I was a beginner, I used to wonder how to listen translate and speak simultaneously. But, slowly and steadily, I learned the art.

Finally, when the meeting is over, I greet my fellow colleagues, bid goodbye to the client, approach him/her for future assignments and also thank the company for sending me for the interpreting event.

I travel to home, chill out with friends, do all the stuff like a common individual and look forward to future assignments.

So, the cycle of work keeps running like this.

How Does It Feel To Work As TridIndia Interpreter?

To be associated with TridIndia is a wonderful feeling. The company allows me to work on a variety of projects, which have certainly helped me boost my career growth. The payment procedure is also very smooth and hassle-free. This is why I love to work as TridIndia Chinese interpreter. It has been 4 years in a row that I am taking continuous projects from the company and that too at a very lucrative pay. So, I definitely recommend any aspiring or experienced interpreter to join hands with the company and get numerous opportunities to shine bright in the industry.

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